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Collection: DIY Alpaca Paint Your Own Squishies Kit


Paint and decorate your own set of squishies with our Paint-Your-Own Fiesta & Sunshine Squishies Kit! Our super slow rise squishy set comes with everything you need to paint and decorate your squishies.




  • Whipped White Paint (1oz tube)
  • Berry Red Paint (1oz tube)
  • Fresh Green Paint (1oz tube)
  • Hello Yellow Paint (1oz tube)
  • 1 Flat Brush
  • 1 Round Tip Brush
  • 1 Cactus Squishy
  • 1 Alpaca Squishy
  • 1 Sun Squishy
  • 1 String of Pom Poms
  • 1 Tattoo Sticker Eyes Sheet
  • Instruction Booklet



Cover your work surface or use one of our art trays for easy clean up. Plan what you would like your squishy to look like with the colors provided or mix colors with our Color Guide.

Painting Tips

  • Use a paint palette or tray to mix your paint.
  • The round tip brush is perfect for creating clean lines and details.
  • Test out your custom colors on a piece of paper before painting your squishy.
  • For best results, make even paint layers. If you see brush strokes, you're applying paint too thick, which will result in cracking or peeling. If you can see the blank squishy, you're applying paint too thin, which will result in a patchy look when dry.


Color Guide

Use this guide for mixing colors. Start with the lighter color as the base, then slowly add the darker color until desired color is achieved.

Tattoo Sticker Eyes

  • Cut out tattoo, remove clear film.
  • Place tattoo face down to squishies
  • Wet tattoo by damp cloth for 20 seconds.
  • Remove paper and let dry for 60 seconds.


Sunshine Streaks

STEP 1: Begin by mixing orange using the color guide. Paint outer edge of sun orange.

STEP 2: While orange paint is still wet, gently paint yellow over the orange using the flat brush.

The key here is to use one brush stroke per ray of sunshine. The more strokes you use, the more it will  blend in.


    Saddle Blanket

    STEP 1: Using the color guide, mix your pink paint. Fill your brush with pink and paint an oval shape on the back of the alpaca. Let the paint dry on squishy.

    STEP 2: Next, use the color guide to make a bright green color. Carefully, paint a smaller oval shape inside the pink oval using the green paint.

    STEP 3: Lastly, use the round tip brush to create a dotted pattern along the outer edge of the green oval.


      Polka-dot Planter

      STEP 1: Being by mixing terracotta color using the color guide. Paint the planter using even brush strokes. Let paint dry on squishy.

      STEP 2: Lastly, add red paint to remaining terracotta color.

      STEP 3: Use the round tip brush to create polka-dots on the planter.


      Drying & Cleaning Tips

      Drying Tips:

      • Work with one color at a time and paint half of the squishy, the dry half can be placed on a flat surface, when dry, flip your squishy over and paint the other side.
      • If the paint on the squishy feels tacky or cold to the touch the paint is still drying.

      Paint Brushes:

      • Rinse your brush under running lukewarm water and using your fingers, gently squeeze the brush to further dislodge any leftover paint.
      • Gently wash the bristles with soap.
      • Rinse off the soap and place brush bristle side up or lay brush on a flat surface until dry.

      Cleaning Your Squishy:

      • If a squishy becomes dirty use a damp dishcloth and gently dab the area you wish to clean. Do not use soap of any kind to clean your squishy. Soaking or rinsing your squishy under water to clean is not recommended due to the makeup of the product.


      Safety & Precautions

      Wash Your Hands - After decorating your squishy with paint, wash your hands. When paint is left on your hands, it dries and can cause discomfort to your skin. Remember, the paint is used for painting  your squishies only and should not be used for body art. If any materials including finished squishes should not be placed in the mouth. Always wash hands before and after playing with your squishies. if you notice any skin irritation, discontinue use immediately. If you have sensitive skin, wear gloves while painting or playing with your squishy.


      Dot not allow children or teens to sleep with their squishy creations. Avoid ingesting squishies, paint, and pom poms.

      Reactions & Allergies - If you have extensive allergies, highly sensitive skin, asthma, or a severe heart condition, you need to be extremely cautions while using the squishy kit.

      Staining - Squishy paint is a special formula that may stain clothing, carpet and other surfaces. If paint is still wet, you may be able to remove paint stains by dabbing the surface gently with a damp cloth. If paint has dried to a hard surface like wood, try gently scraping it off using a credit card or plastic knife. Do not try to rub or peel paint off fabric, you could damage it.

      Keep Away from Children/ Choking Hazard: Painting and decorating squishies is not suitable for children under 8 years of age. Your squishes and other kit materials should not be ingested.

      Storing Paint and Squishies When Not in Use: The paint included in the kit is not meant to be stored and used for long periods of time. We suggest when you have completed your squishy, toss out any remaining paint.




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