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Set of 4 - Activity Plastic Tray - Art + Crafts Organizer Tray (Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange)

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Set your child free to create without worry about spills or stains! For crafts, block building, building a scene for dramatic animal play collage, art projects, and more. This multi-purpose, four-piece tray set keeps everything organized and mess-free.

A value set of 4 stackable, easy to clean trays. It's a must have for homeschoolers if trying to create an invitation to create learning environment.

  • Set of 4 Multi purpose medium art tray. Each set comes with red, orange, blue and black.
  • MULTIUSE: Set of 4 Multiuse Medium Art Trays that is perfect for classroom, daycare and homeschool, to organize art materials, collaging, crafting, beading, science experiments, water works, loose parts education, lego bricks sorting, playdoh, montessori snack preparation, dollies art, finger painting, color mixing and many processed based creative invitations.
  • KEEP IT CLEAN AND NEAT Our trays are 1.5 inches deep straight sides to keep everything organized and mess free. It is also kid friendly featuring easy to carry extended lip and lightweight. The surface is easy to wipe clean and stack nicely together.
  • GREAT SIZE for art projects around the home school , daycare, preschools, kindergartens and montessori classrooms. SIZE measures 13.8 x 9.9 x 1.6 inches. Setting up activities with a tray help define each child's space by creating a boundary on the table and their supplies for the particular activity. They are light enough for the kids to carry around, even with their supplies on them.
  • Medium Art Tray paint palette craft drawing plate assorted colors polypropylene BPA-free PVC washable easy to clean safe to use kid-friendly durable plastic multiuse multi-use organizer mess-free mess free multicraft kids toddler preschool child container storage markers pen paintbrush rectangular crayons dabber dauber handy play card games homework crayons pens meals snacks liquids bowl paper notebook pads eating playdough playdoh clay placemat work space daycare home school supplies

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Customer Reviews

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Set of 4 - Activity Plastic Tray - Art + Crafts Organizer Tray (Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange)

Very Versatile and Durable Trays!!!!

These trays are so wonderful and were exactly what I’ve been needing! There are so many uses for them! I have been using them for crafts like beading necklaces, putting my kids' food on them, and even just using it as a tray for my phone and other belongings to keep together. We are a family of four so we have each claimed one each as our own. They are really deep so I have to worry about things falling out of them. We have been using our trays daily since I received this purchase!!!

These trays are perfect for anyone with children

These trays are perfect for anyone with children. I have four kids, and it is much easier to contain their messes with these portable trays. My girls like to play with water and wash their dolls hair. This allows for quick clean up. We have also used these when playing with our homemade slime. It keeps the counters from getting sticky or covered in glitter. My two year old collects little toys and crayons all day. When I need her to be busy for a few minutes, I just plop her tray next to her and it reignites her imagination! Great price for a product with many uses.

Great colors and seems like it will last a long ...

I got these for my son. We do a lot of projects and this helps keeps things organized and clean. Great colors and seems like it will last a long time.

They are sturdy and I like that the different colors allow you ...

I wish I had had these when I was little to organize my stuff. They are sturdy and I like that the different colors allow you to organize easier if you want to do it by category or color. This is good for teachers or parents or anyone who would like to organize toys or supplies, but can also be used to organize anything, I may use it to organize my makeup and skincare products. I had to take one star away because of the little indents on the bottom of the trays are very harsh and can scratch a finish or your skin, but it shouldn't be a problem if you are careful. They are also stackable if the products you put in inside are flat enough which is convenient for cleanup or storage.