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NOYO (12-Pack)
NOYO (12-Pack)
NOYO (12-Pack)
NOYO (12-Pack)
NOYO (12-Pack)
NOYO (12-Pack)
NOYO (12-Pack)
NOYO (12-Pack)

NOYO (12-Pack)

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Instant transforming crayon, pastel and watercolor. the brighter, bolder crayon with incredible watercolor and pastel effects Never have an ordinary coloring experience again with NOYO’s bright colors and bold, smooth strokes. Smooth pop of vibrant colors glide easily like and blend like pastel. If desired, just add water to create watercolor art. No more palettes, paints and mess! Pigment won’t wrinkle paper or crack when dry. contoured grip is perfect for your little Picasso.
  • Heavily Pigmented Colors come in our New pack NOYO crayon set perfect for blending and highlighting color details. More variety of colors that will definitely bring to life any piece of art. Create special real-like drawings be it dinosaurs, space rockets, superheroes, underwater/sea life, and mystical land adventures.
  • ONE CRAYON, THREE WAYS TO COLOR! Crayon-pastel-watercolor. Our NOYO crayons are buttery smooth. The vibrant colors glide easily and will blend like a pastel. Add a dab of water and voila! a watercolor effect! The pigment won’t wrinkle paper or crack when dry. Our NOYO crayon is a teacher favorite because of its versatility. These art crayons catapult creativity to a new level in the classroom or at home for every age artist.
  • WORKS ON DARK OR LIGHT PAPER (AND WOOD)! Unlike other crayons, NOYO crayons are vibrant on any color paper. Imaginations are free to run wild when paper color isn’t limited.
  • NO MESS PAINT COLORS! Our washable NOYO Crayons have a no mess design so toddlers can have fun painting without the messy cleanup. Our 3 in one design encourages a remarkable painting experience using just a dab of water with a finger or a damp brush. Take a wet paper towel and moisten your finger then blend two colors together - it will create a pastel effect. Add a little more water to instantly create a watercolor effect. Colors can be mixed and blended to bring a rainbow palette to life. These are ideal toddler crayons for home or school.
  • NOYO NOT YOUR ORDINARY CRAYON IS EASY TO USE! Contoured design is perfect for little Picassos to grip. Just twist when you run out. Our NOYO crayons encourage independent art creation.

OUR COMMITMENT- Why do we make our products? At Doodle Hog, we’re a small family business, rooted in the Dairyland of Wisconsin. We’re heavily involved in our community –from schools, classroom to the home; we care about your kids!

DESCRIPTION: Comes with 12 vibrant color blendable crayons
3-in-1 crayon-pastel-watercolor
※ Glide on smooth instantly
※ Works on light and dark paper or wood
※ Washable
※ Twistable contoured design for little hands
※ Makes the perfect gift for kids of all ages, for a teacher or a classroom
※ Doodle Hog is a small family business, rooted in the Dairyland of Wisconsin. We’re heavily involved in our community –from schools, classroom to the home; we care about your kids!

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    Why it's special

    Designed to be creativity inducing, confidence building and joyful - here are some of the reasons this product is uniquely Doodle Hog:

    3-in-1 Gel Crayons: Mix It Up! Use as Crayons, Pastels, or Watercolors. NOYO's bright colors glide easily and blend like a pastel. Dab with water to create a watercolor effect.

    Pigmented: works on dark or light-colored paper (and wood)! Run your imaginations wild and unleash that great artist in you! No need to worry about pigmentation as it is heavy and bold.

    Twist barrel for more crayon.

    Play is OKAY! This is how we like to play

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 221 reviews
    LO loves these!

    The colors are bright, easy to use because they go on paper smooth as butter. LO requests these vs. Other crayons we have for art time. I bought 2 boxes to replace our first set, and a couple of extra boxes to give to friends on birthdays. Love them.

    Chandra W.
    Potential masterpiece! And potential stain disaster:)

    Awesome great super messy crayons for a 2/3-year-old, in my opinion or for my messy toddler� There was oily pasty crayon everywhere, my dresser my floor my kitchen counter I don�t even know how It got there� In my opinion this would be an amazing product for a child with a little bit more dexterity control and impulse control LOL which mine has none at this time� But as soon as she does, these will be awesome� I do Love that you can leave the cap off and it seems like they don�t really dry out easily�IF at ALL! ***That is key for an art medium with a small child� In my opinion it�s just not for a very small child unless you are giving them 100% direct supervision� If that�s the case then this is the crayon for you. They are beautiful and the colors are amazing.I can�t say anything to the colors coming out in the wash when they make it to closing, but I can say that they did not super easily come off of services but this is potentially only due to my daughters sneaking around and heavily marking on my things/furniture LOL� Which is my fault, not the crayons. Just giving a full warning they are not a miracle no problem crayon� I wish there was one!

    Marie M.
    Easy to use

    Little guy likes them. Needs a lot less pressure them crayons.

    Melissa L

    Drawings come out so pretty with these! No more white areas while coloring. I color a little bit and use a brush with some water to blend it in and it comes out great. I wish I knew of these before! I always end up getting Crayola, but these are 100x better. Goes on so smoothly and doesn't bleed through the page. Will forever buy these as long as my kid is in school.

    Joliet Ignacio
    Lots of fun

    Very nice and easy to color with and water paint too

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