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NOYO Crayons 3 Color (Case of 10, Party Favor Set)

NOYO Crayons 3 Color (Case of 10, Party Favor Set)

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GIVE NOYO CRAYONS AS PARTY FAVORS because they are fun and unique! Include these on your party supplies list for an artsy gift that will be treasured by kids and parents! Three bright bold colors come in our 3 pack NOYO crayon set which can be blended together to create more colors and bring every piece of artwork to life. Comes in a pack of ten 3-packs.

ONE CRAYON, THREE WAYS TO COLOR! Crayon-pastel-watercolor. Our NOYO crayons are buttery smooth. The vibrant colors glide easily and will blend like a pastel. Add a dab of water and voila! a watercolor effect! The pigment won’t wrinkle paper or crack when dry. Our NOYO crayon is a teacher favorite because of its versatility. These art crayons catapult creativity to a new level in the classroom or at home for every age artist.

WORKS ON DARK OR LIGHT PAPER (AND WOOD)! Unlike other crayons, NOYO crayons are vibrant on any color paper. Imaginations are free to run wild when paper color isn’t limited. Whether your young artist is drawing superheroes, galaxies, or faraway lands, our crayons make coloring adventures extraordinary.

NOYO NOT YOUR ORDINARY CRAYON IS EASY TO USE! Contoured design is perfect for little Picassos to grip. Just twist when you run out. Our NOYO crayons encourage independent art creation.

NO MESS PAINT COLORS! Our washable NOYO Crayons have a no mess design so toddlers can have fun painting without the messy cleanup. 3 in one design encourages a remarkable painting experience with just a dab of water with a finger or a damp brush. Moisten your finger then blend two colors together - voila! a pastel effect. Add a little more water and WOW! a watercolor effect. Colors can be mixed and blended to bring a rainbow palette to life. These are ideal toddler crayons for home or school.

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