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Original Diy Paint Your Own Squishies Kit. Bunny Squishy Painting Kit Slow Rise Squishes Paint

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  • One of a Kind Crafts.Back in 2019, we launched our first squishies art painting kit. Since then, we haven't stopped innovating, painting, sketching and creating original squishies craft to empower crafters, painters and makers of all ages.
  • From Blank to Swank. Packed with value, this kit contains perfected tested, curated 3 fabric paint pots in teal, pink and white, one brush and a super slow rise bunny in a mug. This super slow rise Squishy Kit contains all you need to paint your own adorable bunny squishy along with a color mixing chart. Your kiddos are in for loads of fun with this squishy painting kit!
  • Slow Rise. Not all squishies are created equal. Our slow rise squshies are high quality and truly slow rise at 10 seconds compared to others in the market at 2s rise. Your tween or teen will know the difference!
  • Diy Sensory Play Poke, stretch, squeeze and squish! Great for calm, focus and hand strength. Squishies are recommended to be a anxiety relief toys
  • If you're not happy, we're not happy. When it comes to buying the perfect gift or craft toy, we will work tirelessly to make sure you have the best experience when it comes to ordering our product. Give us a shout if anything is unsatisfactory, we will gladly make it right.


1. Are the paint and squishie material are nontoxic?
Our squishies kit is 100% non-toxic, tested to conform to CPSCIA standard so you can feel confident about your kids playing with it.

2. How can I prevent the paint peeling off?
When painting your squishy, try to make an even paint layer. If the paint is too-thick it may crack or peel when dry.

3. what is a squishy made of?
Memory Foam

4. Do squishies help children with anxiety?
Yes. Squishy works great as a stress-relief toy

5. Can I use other paint on the squishy?
The paint is fabric paint. You can use other fabric paint on the squishy.

6. Are the squishys slow rising?
Yes, these squishies are super slow rise at 10 seconds.

7. Are the painted squishies washable?
If the squishy becomes dirty, use a damp dishcloth and gently dab the area you wish to clean. Do not use soap and avoid soaking or rinsing your squishy under water.

8. Do squishies rip easily? If so, how do I repair it?
An adult can repair ripped squishies with fabric glue or check our Moriah Elizabeth you tube channel.

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