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Neon Sign Kit Instructions

Hey there! Click HERE to view or download the PDF with the DIY Neon Sign instructions!

How does it work? 

EL wire is powered by alternating current (AC) which means the electrical current moves back and forth between the circuit, giving a constant electrical supply. To create that neon-bright glow, electricity is applied to an electroluminescent wire (EL wire), electrons in the wire’s coating are kicked up to a higher energy level. When the electrons move back down to their original level, they emit light particles called photons. This process of releasing the photons creates the glow you see. With the AC, the electrons are continually being moved from one energy level to another so it will glow continuously. 

Our EL wire is battery-powered. Batteries provide a direct current (DC) instead of an alternating current (AC). To change the power to AC, the battery pack has an inverter, which converts DC into the AC you need. 

Need a little extra help? We've got you covered. Check out our step-by-step video on how to make the DIY Neon Sign here: