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Watercolor Half Pans (36 Colors)

Watercolor Half Pans (36 Colors)

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Our premium watercolor paint set is designed with the true artist in mind. The half pan set is secured in a portable metal palette case and comes with a swatch sheet of watercolor paper, multi-page technique guide, an easy-squeeze water brush pen, and 36 professional-grade watercolor half pans.

  • 36 DYNAMIC WATERCOLOR PAINTS - Get creative with 36 different watercolor half pans. The highly-pigmented colors blend and dry beautifully, providing artists with the best 'true to color' watercolor experience. Combine the vivid watercolors to create custom hues or layer them for gorgeous glazing. Each of the premium colors provides exceptional staining for all watercolor techniques to bring your artwork to life.
  • IDEAL FOR WATERCOLOR TECHNIQUES - Explore all the beautiful wash techniques using the Technique Guide. The color-rich paint is excellent for flat washing, graded washes, and vivid variegated washes. Also create various watercolor textures like stippling and splattering. There are endless technique combinations using the 36 dynamic watercolors.
  • FREE WATERCOLOR BRUSH - Each watercolor half pan comes with a refillable 5mm water brush that fits easily into the portable metal case. The easy pinch grip of the brush allows you to comfortably control the water flow while painting. You can create fine line details, blend colors together, or boldly layer watercolors for endless possibilities!
  • PERFECT PORTABILITY - The half pan set is light for transporting while keeping everything secure in the metal case. The lids fold out to provide multiple mixing wells for easy blending and simple clean up. Just snap the color pans in and out of the palette to adjust. The water brush is easily refilled anywhere that you're inspired.

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Why it's special

Our Design Your Own Scrapbook Kit was designed with imagination in mind. Kids can express their style and creativity through design! Our scrapbooks are an especially timely activity for kids who are #saferathome during quarantine!

Blend like a pro!: We know the brush is just as important as the paint. Included is a large, 5 mm pointed brush for premium blending. It is easy to use, refillable and cleans up quick!

36 Vibrant, Pop Out Colors: With 36 rich colors to choose from, you have a world of options at your fingertips. Create custom colors for all of your artwork.

Mixing Palette in the Lid: Versatile lid includes 4 compartments to blend colors. No extra tool needed and our pamphlet also includes a color wheel to serve as a handy mixing guide.

On the go art!: Light and portable, this combo travels easy. The carrying case holds all of your watercolor half pans PLUS one water brush pen.

What you get

Watercolor Half Pans (36 Colors)

36 watercolor paints in metal half tins, 1 blender brush pen, 1 swatch sheet, 1 instruction sheet

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Customer Reviews

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I prefer their former formula

I ordered a doodle hog 24-color set last December and was very happy with what I got (five starts!) So I immediately ordered this 36-color set when it was on sale. But this one is a huge disappointment as they are very different from my last! I think they changed their formula or used some different binder. It's more difficult to load and reactivate the paints now. The lavender color is extremely difficult to use probably because there is too much binder in there. And in about a week, some of the paints started to crack and peel! One improvement is that the paints no longer smell, probably due to the change of the binder, but that could also be the reason why the paints are more difficult to use now. The colors are still vibrant and pretty but I feel they don't blend as well as the old formula. I'm keeping the set just for the tin and half-pans, which is still a good value for money I believe. But I would probably not buy again.

Love the tin!

This is a very affordably priced beginner student watercolor set. You get a great assortment of colors, a water brush and a lovely tin palette. The paints are creamy when wet with variation in how deep a color you can get. The black required lots of layering and notice the bee in the attached photo. Still not jet black with three layers. One of the paints came completely cracked in the half pan but melded back together with water. Notice the green on far right in the second row. It is peeling! And on closer inspection, while writing this review, I notice several of the paints are starting to peel. I am ok with this because I plan to fill with my own paints and purchased mainly for the tin anyway.

Pretty fun for sketchbook studies

If they were better quality and usable for my work pieces and orders I would give 5 stars.I give them 3 stars only because for this price you can find a starter set of better quality paints that will do so much more for you.

Excellent for beginner like me

Nicely presented i easy to use metal pan, includes color chart plus one to make my own chart. This great for newbie like me, just working on my 1st painting after doodling with the paints on scalp piece of watercolor paper


Nice paint set for bigginer

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