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Combo SuperGirl Shimmer + SuperGirl Dot Marker Activity Sheets/Coloring Book

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Comes with 52 pages of SuperGirl-themed dot marker TRAVEL SIZE activity sheets. Easy guiding lines provide educational structure for childrens’ creativity. Allows young children to confidently create a masterpiece on their own. Perfect for Early Childhood Education settings or a Speech Language Pathologist practice. Great for introducing toddlers and preschoolers to different color theories, patterns, letters and numbers. Pairs well with other artistic supplies to create mixed media effects. Makes the perfect gift for kids of all ages, for a teacher or a classroom . Sturdy enough for even your naughtiest little elf

  • SUPERHERO PACK - Delight the little ones with a superhero set of fun. Our popular Dab and Dot Shimmer Markers in Supergirl with unique 5 shimmery dot markers in green, blue,orange, red, and silver bundled together with a 52 lowercase a-z activity book. This set is perfect and ideal for a preschooler. It’s educational and fun at the same time! Preschoolers learn hand and eye coordination with this set of dot markers and alphabet workbook.
  • WASHABLE DAUBER MARKERS Our markers are water-based, washable and non-toxic. No spills, no splash and won’t stain clothes! Our customers have raved about how easy it is to clean up after every use.
  • TRIED AND TESTED Compared to other dot markers brand, our brand is tried and tested and will withstand even the roughest amount of play.The alphabet has never been is so much fun to learn because superheroes are there to guide the way.The gift of art can create hours and and hours of creative play time, and they are a unique way for your little one to create endless possibilities!
  • FREE DOWNLOADABLE DOT WORKSHEETS- More activity sheets and lesson plans uniquely designed for your toddlers. Whether you want to create Mondrian inspired or Kandinsky Art, we have you covered. Join raving little fans who are loving the fun worksheets. Our easy to follow lesson plans are designed by teachers to teach little ones about art masters and to encourage reading at the same time.
  • OUR COMMITMENT- Why do we make our products? At Doodle Hog, we’re a small family business, rooted in the Dairyland of Wisconsin. We’re heavily involved in our community – from the classroom to the home; we care about your kids!