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SuperBoy Dot Marker Activity Sheets/Coloring Book

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Make the most of your child’s Dab and Dot marker time with this fun, educational activity book! Each alphabet letter features a fun image of SuperBoy, complete with a dab-able, dot-able letter of the alphabet. Dab and Dot products help toddlers and preschoolers bond with parents and teachers by spending time together over creative, independent, and imaginative activities. Designed for little hands and big imaginations, these activity sheets will allow you to enjoy dabbing and dotting right along with your child.


    • Comes with 52 pages of SuperBoy-themed dot marker activity sheets
    • Easy guiding lines provide educational structure for childrens’ creativity
    • Allows young children to confidently create a masterpiece on their own
    • Perfect for Early Childhood Education settings or a Speech Language Pathologist practice
    • Great for introducing toddlers and preschoolers to different color theories, patterns, letters and numbers
    • Pairs well with other artistic supplies to create mixed media effects
    • Makes the perfect gift for kids of all ages, for a teacher or a classroom
    • Sturdy enough for even your naughtiest little elf