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Collection: Use Spring Craft Kits to Make These 5 Family-Friendly Crafts That Will Inspire You This Season

Spring has sprung, and what better way to get into the spirit of the season than with spring craft kits and some fresh activity ideas? Let’s add an extra dose of sunshine to your days with a sprinkle of creative springtime inspiration! 

Here are 5 family-friendly crafts you can enjoy with the entire family - rain or shine!


The Waterflower Garden Activity by Deep Space Sparkle is one you can do with just a black marker, a set of our watercolor half-pans or our Dab and Dot Markers, watercolor paper, and a white crayon. 

To get started, draw a flower doodle and highlight the lines with the white crayon or pastel. Then, paint over the entire piece with the watercolor. And...voila! There's your very own spring garden you can hang up to brighten up any room in your home. Using our spring craft kits makes the entire process easy and fun!


Do you have any leftovers from your vegetable stash? Red pepper cores, ends of the celery stalks, and carrot ends can become stamps to make a spring masterpiece. Create beautiful flower prints with your veggie stamp pads as they explain here in The Matchbook. From using carrots to create daisies and red pepper stumps to create peonies, you’ll love the results. 

If you don’t use a compost bin, this is the perfect way to repurpose your veggies! What can you do with your stamp creations? Make a card, hang them on the wall, or use them to make hand-crafted wrapping paper or to jazz up a boring brown paper bag. Friends and family will love receiving a handmade gift with your special stamping. 


Who doesn't enjoy a little bird watching from time to time? And spring is the perfect time to do it! Go on a nature walk or just look outside your window, and you will see birds in trees living their best lives. Want to give your bird visitors a special treat? Repurpose a water bottle and turn it into a bird feeder for your window like they describe in Here Comes the Sun. It's a win-win-win: you are repurposing plastic to protect the environment, you get to birdwatch, and the birds get to eat!  


Has your child ever picked up a stick and handed it over to you the minute they walked into the house or entered a park? I know mine has - every single time. Rather than tossing the stick treasure aside, why not embrace your child and their interests, fostering their exploration by helping them create a bird nest out of their nature collection? 

For this project you can use the sticks and leaves your child collects. Then, use some twine from your art or cooking collection and feathers laying around from a Thanksgiving craft last year. If your child hasn’t brought in any leaves, go on a nature hunt or look around your own plants to find fallen leaves. Wilted flowers from your old bouquet are another great addition. Create a natural nest like the one in Kid Craft Room and let your child’s imagination take over. No need to worry about messy glue!


While you are collecting things from nature, go ahead and collect some large stones or rocks for a fun painted rock project! You can also purchase stones at the craft store, floral shop, or online to create these nature inspired painted stones. 
Check out how Apex Elementary Art painted adorable ladybugs on their rocks for some inspiration. You can also paint flowers, fairies, gnomes, or other insects and bugs. Give the rocks out as gifts, put them in your garden, or add them onto your own fairy garden to delight the neighborhood children.

We love our NOYO crayons for painting our rocks. They glide on smoothly and make for easy, hassle-free clean up!

Spring Craft Kits Level-Up Your Springtime Artistic Creations

If you get to try out any of these projects, please share photos of them on social media and hashtag #doodlehogspring! Looking for other spring art activities?

Explore our spring craft kits to take your creations to the next level!

♥ The Doodle Hog Team

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