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Doodle Hog Product Safety

Learn more about the extensive product safety measures we take at Doodle Hog. As parents, we take every precaution to ensure our products are safe for all customers—from the youngest to the oldest.

At Doodle Hog, ensuring the safety of our products and the customers who use them is one of our top priorities. Since embarking on our journey in 2015, we have developed each product with premium materials. We test all materials through independent agencies to ensure customers receive high-quality products.

As a result, our products are as safe as they are enjoyable and functional. We are honored that our customers choose to put their trust in Doodle Hog. We continue to go above and beyond to maintain that trust with every product we develop.

About Doodle Hog’s Product Testing for Safety

Doodle Hog leverages the expertise of independent, accredited laboratories to test all products. We verify products are compliant with three specific toy safety standards. These standards are from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC):

  • ASTM-F963
  • ASTM-D4236
  • Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) Testing
The independent testing process gives customers peace of mind. They can trust all Doodle Hog products meet important compliance standards. These comprehensive testing programs allow us to feel 100% confident putting our products on the market. At Doodle Hog, testing begins during the design of each product. It continues during the processes for production and final distribution. Our commitment to testing remains the same no matter where we produce the products. We also perform the necessary testing on products, even if our suppliers have previously tested them.


Multiple Product Tests at Various Production Stages

Product testing and safety are top priorities at Doodle Hog. To meet our goals, we partner with independent agencies and board-certified toxicologists. These experts conduct multiple product tests at various production stages. We are committed to offering only the safest non-toxic art supplies, materials, and kits for our valued customers. We started our business to bring enjoyment and creativity into our customers' lives. Each customer matters to us.

For these reasons, it is well worth it to our entire team to go through complete product testing. We perform quality verification to promote safety for all Doodle Hog products. Customers can trust that not a single product will enter the marketplace without the highest level of testing and safety.

Learn more about our testing process during different production stages:

Product Development Phase Testing

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of design hazards and risks on all Doodle Hog products during this phase. No product moves forward to production without passing rigorous safety assessments. Once meeting all safety standards, we progress to the next phase.

Production Phase Testing

Whether we are producing the product or sourcing from a supplier, we follow the same safety standards during the production phase. Any raw materials that pass through Doodle Hog’s manufacturing plants come from suppliers who have been tested and approved. To ensure there are no contaminants, we also verify that our suppliers go through testing of product sample material.

Our process for evaluating the sample material comes before approving any product for production. Following sample testing, we ensure there is periodic testing of all raw materials used by our suppliers. We schedule a thorough risk assessment for all samples by independent, third-party laboratories. These partners have their own trusted systems for testing and approving materials and products. To provide an additional layer of safety verification, the Doodle Hog product safety team reviews all test results. Doing this ensures it is 100% safe to move forward with the production of our products.

Post-Production Phase Testing

Once our products go through production, we sample the finished products. Some samples come from our suppliers, and some come from our distribution centers. We then submit the samples to an independent CPSC-certified laboratory. This ensures compliance with ASTM-D4236, ASTM-F963, CPSC standards and verifies there are no existing phthalates in the Doodle Hog products.

Before exporting our products from the U.S. or other countries, we ensure our products are tested to comply with the export market standards. Doodle Hog places a high priority on global quality testing. We meet necessary worldwide safety requirements, even those exceeding the requirements in the U.S.

Consumer safety is the foundation of everything we do at Doodle Hog. Customers can put their trust in the Doodle Hog seal of approval. We use some of the most extensive testing in the art supplies industry.

Product Tests in Our Own Homes with Our Own Children

WBecause we are parents first and then Doodle Hog owners, we understand on a deep level how crucial product safety is to families. Our dedication to safety goes beyond the norm, and we are proud to personally test each of our products in our own homes with our own precious children.

We would not dream of allowing our children to touch a toxic or unsafe product. That’s why we will never cut corners in product testing at any phase of production. When customers hold a Doodle Hog art supply or craft kit in their hands, they can trust they are using a safe product. All products are verified to be safe for their intended purpose, as stated on the package instructions.

Put Your Trust in Doodle Hog’s Commitment to Quality and Product Safety

Doodle Hog is more than just an art supplies business. We care about each of our customers and consider you to be part of our creative family. You can count on us to place the highest priority on product safety. We love nothing more than knowing you are creating safe, special memories with your loved ones using our products.

To enjoy the best Doodle Hog experience possible, please remember to check the packaging of all products to find out the recommended age. We welcome you to reach out to the Doodle Hog team if you have questions about our product testing and product safety standards.

How do we verify the safety of Doodle Hog products? Take a closer look at our in-depth product testing processes at all production phases.