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Collection: 10 Ways to Make a Patriotic Fashion Statement


If you want to really kick up the red, white, and blue in your family's wardrobe this Memorial Day, there are so many great ways you can add a patriotic look with a bit of DIY. Whether it's a tee shirt or cute flip flops, you'll love these crafts. American Flag Bead Pin This craft is so easy that you'll be able to make one for the entire family in just a couple hours. All you need are beads and safety pins. That's it. This is a fun craft for most kids and is very affordable.


DIY Patriotic Tie Dye Beach Bag

This bag is so cute that you'll be carrying it all summer long. Again, you need only a few supplies and a couple hours. Best of all, this would make an awesome gift.


Red, White and Blue DIY Necklace

This is an excellent craft to keep kids busy. All you need is three paper tableclothes (can be found at your local dollar store) and a pair of scissors. Cut the tableclothes into strips, tie together, and you're done. It's a great activity for kids to do while you're cooking out.


Bleach T-Shirts

Another fun to make tee shirt is this bleached top. All you need to do is create a patriotic design with tape on a red or blue shirt and spray the taped area with bleach. Peel the tape away and wash to prevent the bleach from eating through the fabric. This is something the entire family can have fun with.


Patriotic Washi Tape Wooden Bracelet

This craft requires a bit more work and supplies, but makes such cute bracelets for your little ones. If you have lots of tape in your craft stash, this is a great way to use it up.


No Sew Patriotic Hair Ties

Looking for a cute way to add a patriotic look to your little one's outfit? This no sew project will allow you to give her a cute look in no time at all.


DIY Patriotic Flip Flops

Looking for a way to dress up those one-dollar flip flops? This craft is simple and allows you to create cute footwear for the little ones.


No Sew Patriotic Pocket

Want to dress up an old pair of jeans with a patriotic look but don't want to sew? This craft is quick and easy thanks to a hot glue gun.

no sew patriotic pocket IMGP5948

Patriotic Necktie T-Shirt

This is such a fun craft to make a t-shirt for your little one who's celebrating his first Memorial Day. All you need is transfer paper and a great design. Print the design out, cut into a tie shape, and follow the transfer instructions on the paper you purchased.


DIY Fireworks Shirt

Again, this is a great craft that allows you to make shirts for the entire family. You will need a few supplies for this craft, but it's easy and fun. If you like to freehand, this craft is perfect


These crafts make a patriotic fashion statement that is perfect for not only Memorial Day, but the 4th of July and Independence Day as well. Whether you want to deck your little ones out in cute hair ties or a patriotic tee shirt, these crafts are the perfect choice.

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