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Collection: 3 Spring Mini Refresh Ideas For Your Kids Bedroom

Spring fever is in the air! Doesn't this time of year make you want to refresh your living spaces?

This time of year is great for focusing on giving your house a deep clean, a reorganization, and a refresh. Your children's bedroom is no exception. It feels so good to bring in sunshine and Spring vibes with a little creative refresh.

One of the simplest ways to refresh is by updating your bedroom decorations. Decorations are how we personalize our living space. Instead of buying generic decorations at a big box retailer, we suggest that your kids do crafts to use as their bedroom decor.

Making new bedroom decor is a creative and inexpensive way to bring the Spring to your living spaces. These are our three favorite mini refresh ideas for your kid's bedroom.


String art is a colorful DIY bedroom decoration project that will glow up your child's bedroom. String art is using different colored strings to weave and wind patterns on top of shape forms. The multiple layers of strings create bright patterns that are the perfect accent for kid's bedroom walls.

If that sounds complicated, there are kits designed just for kids. With our Good Vibes DIY String Art Kit your kids can easily create three awesome string art shapes. A bold butterfly. A perfect peace sign. And a lovely lighting bolt - that actually lights up with LED string lights!

The DIY String Art Kit comes with:
350 push pins
foam board shapes
LED string lights
Instructions with pictures
EIGHT bundles of colorful string - including purple ombre and pastel rainbow.


Speaking of Spring, what’s more Spring than rainbows?! Maybe pastel colors. So why not combine rainbows and pastel colors for a DIY bedroom decor craft?

Textile crafts like macrame are really popular right now because they add great texture to bedroom decor. Design, create, and hang a yarn craft to add personality to any kid’s bedroom.

With our DIY Rainbow Yarn Kit, your child can create three different macrame rainbows - without having to know how to knit or crochet. Inside the kits are all the materials, including instructions and seven hand-picked rainbow colors of yarn. Your child can design and create beautiful rainbow yarn crafts to decorate their bedroom walls. Bring on the color!


Last September we posted ‘TIE DYE ISN’T JUST FOR T-SHIRTS ANYMORE’ on our craft blog to explain the different ways to use tie dye - outside of t-shirts. Don’t limit tie dye to only what you wear.

With tie dye, you can add bright colors and personalized patterns to everyday natural fabric decor items like pillows, bedding, towels, and blankets. Tie dying is a great activity for kids and a fun way for them to personalize their bedroom decor by selecting the colors, technique, and pattern of their projects. Adding these items to your children’s bedroom will help bring Spring colors into their living space.

When it comes to tie dye kits, we have you covered. If you’re looking for splashy blasts color, check out the Tie Dye Party Kits of 12 different colors. If your child prefers more subtle bedroom color decor, there's a Pastel Tie Dye Party Kit too.

If you want an on-trend tie dye color experience, check out our Tie Dye Mono Kits. Each kit is composed of three carefully curated colors that match perfectly.

The Tie Dye Mono Kits are:

Fancy Plants Green


Sunshine and Sunrise

Beach Bum Blues

Desert Dreams

Stone Tones

We hope that your upcoming craft projects help incorporate Spring into your children’s bedroom decor. And that your kids have fun working on the crafts too. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #doodlehogmakers when you post photos of your Spring refresh projects on social media.

Happy Spring Crafting,
The Doodle Hog Team

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