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Collection: 4 Ideas for Frugal Christmas Gifts You Can Make

You can make some really great Christmas gifts without spending a lot of money. Most people love getting homemade gifts, especially when you make items specifically for them. It’s also a lot easier to do than you might think. To help you get started, here are four ideas for frugal Christmas gifts you can make.

Share Family Recipes with a Homemade Cookbook

Image by Live Laugh Rowe

Making a family cookbook is a great way to share all of your special recipes with the special people in your life. Simply record all of your recipes on paper and bind them together or use a spiral notebook or journal. Each time you make one of your special dishes, take a photo of it to include in your cookbook.

Homemade Candles are Always a Big Hit

Image by Adventures in Making

Candles help to create a warm and inviting environment and they’re so easy to make. Choose a few decorative glasses, mason jars, teacups or any other type of container that won’t burn or melt. Secure the wick to the bottom and on a pencil placed across the top of the container to hold it in place. Pour in your melted wax, let it harden and you’re done!

Personalized Mirrors Make Beautiful Gifts

Image by Hong Cong

Paint the border of the mirror with decorative designs or words of inspiration. If you have mirrors without borders, make your own by cutting a thin piece of finished wood into any design you want. Glue the mirror to it and then decorate it. You can also engrave messages or designs directly into the mirror if you prefer.

A Photo Collage Is a Gift from the Heart

Image by Jana Eubank

In this digital world in which we live, pictures that you can hold in your hand are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Printing out some of the most memorable photos and making a collage is a wonderful and inexpensive gift that will help preserve these precious memories.

These are just a few of the options you have when making homemade Christmas gifts. You may already have many of the materials you need at home and if you don’t, you can usually pick them up really cheap at the local craft or thrift store.

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