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Hello Everyone! 

With Easter just around the corner, we thought it would help to share some Easter Inspired Crafts! Paper Plate Easter Baskets, Edible Watercress Egg Heads, Fingerprint Critters, Edible Tea Eggs Inspired Eggs and Picasso Bunnies? There are so many interesting Easter Crafts you can do with your entire family! 



Chances are if you are a parent, you most likely have some form of paper plate at home for busy nights or when you don't feel like doing dishes. These Paper Plate Easter Baskets by Nurture Store are a great way to make pretty sturdy Easter Baskets, or can even be repurposed as a napkin holder after Easter. You can use a variety of mediums including watercolor, pastel, crayons or markers to decorate the paper plates before turning them into baskets. 


via Chickabug

An Easter inspired collage with finger paint (or use Dab and Dot Markers for a less messy alternative) could be creative and fun! After making the fingerprints, you just need a black sharpie or marker to draw eyes, wings, ears and/or legs on the title critters. Make a funny scene with the critters having a dance party, their own little egg hunt, frolicking in the grass or simply on plain paper, as shown in Chickabug.


via Pinterested ParentSometimes, children need a little motivation to draw something they may not be familiar with (adults too at times). Has your child ever asked you , "Mommy, how do I draw a bunny?" Or "Dad, can you help me draw a bunny?" Are there times you think to yourself, "I'm not so sure myself? Maybe I should look it up so I can help my child?" Well, the Pinterested Parent Picasso Inspired Bunnies could just be the perfect Easter activity for you and your child(ren) to learn and enjoy together. There's no "right" place to put the bunny's eyes or ears; the proportions do not have to match the rest of the bunny. Go crazy and have fun using various shapes and sizes with your Picasso Bunny! Pretty sure that by the end of this project, you and the kiddies will be laughing out loud together at how silly they look!

4- Tea Eggs Inspired Edible Eggs

via Barefoot Kitchen Witch

Barefoot Kitchen Witch created Easter eggs you can keep at the table as decor and you get to eat it? I'd say that's pretty awesome. If you've ever had or made Chinese Tea Eggs before, it's the same idea. You boil the eggs until they're hardboiled; take out the eggs after they're cool and roll them on paper towels until they are cracked; and you just let it sit overnight in cold colored water in the fridge. Perhaps you can do a colorful egg salad on toast for the morning of or just have them as is. Do any of you ever eat your cooked Easter eggs?


via Nurture Store

Nurture Store found a good way to repurpose those empty egg shells if you've managed to keep them mostly in tact by making Eggheads. After the eggshells had been cleaned, feel free to draw faces on them with a sharpie. Put in a little soil and plant the watercress seeds; spritz with a spray bottle daily for a few days and you will have your Eggheads. You can even get creative and give them haircuts after they grow and eat the watercress! This can also be done using broccoli sprouts; and they grow much quicker (within a day or 2). 

We hope you get to enjoy some of these Easter Crafts!

H O P P Y Easter from Doodle Hog!


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