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August is here! Kids will be back to school before we know it. Need ideas for props for the yearly Back to School Photoshoot? Just in case you are the eager beaver, we've got you covered with the props!

Rainbow & Sweets Back to School Signs

via Hopscotch Mom

This prop is perfect for those who are obsessed with all things sweets-related, rainbows and/ or unicorns! Chose a sturdy cardstock to color in the frame and choose your favorite colors from the many color options from Doodle Hog NOYO Crayons and color away. The images below show NOYO crayons smudged with a slightly damp paper towel to create a watercolor effect and to gently blend the colors. You can create the sign based on the grade your child is entering and the school year. They can hold it up as a prop or use it as a frame for their face when taking the photos.

Polka dot & Blast Off Back to School Sign

via Hopscotch Mom

For those who love rockets and out space, this is a fun one for to do. Chose your favorite 3 Dab and Dot Markers and dab the frame all around, one at a time to create layers until the frame is filled. Draw a rocket ship and label it with the date, phrase and/ or year. Your child can hold up the sign while wearing a cardboard box helmet or take a photo holding it while jumping up into the air “Blastoff!!!” The border can be decorated into any color pattern to fit your theme, such as using green, orange and blue for a jungle style theme; purple and pink for a princess theme; orange and green for a fox related theme. Have fun with it!

Dino Back to School Sign

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Dinosaur lovers, unite! Use a dinosaur stencil, such as the one in Doodle Hog’s Stencil Kit and use Dab and Dot Markers to fill in the stencil. The art trays are great for organizing the supplies and make it easy to clean up. Create dinosaur feet claws using empty shoe boxes and have your little Dino hold the sign and be sure to have them say “R O A R !!!” Nice and loud when you snap that photo! You can get creative and use a cardboard box to create a dinosaur helmet too for the photoshoot.

via Hopscotch Mom

Back to School photos can be sweet, simple and honest with just one photo and a sharpie labeling the year and grade; but they can also be fun and outrageous if you want to give it a go and get your kids excited for the upcoming school year! They may have so much fun with it that they might think they skipped the first day of school and went right on to Halloween! The bottom line is, be true to your style and what your child likes.

For all of the props listed, you can even snap a photo of your child and glue the head portion of the photo (onto the cupcake, dinosaur or rocket ship) for a mixed media type of collage.

What do you have in mind for your child or children’s Back to School Photoshoot Theme? Do you take one every year?

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