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With over 50 easy and fun Christmas crafts for kids and adults, you'll have no trouble bringing in the holiday spirit this year!  

Looking for some easy Christmas crafts for kids and adults? Christmastime is officially here, and we are all about getting into the holiday spirit. With Christmas Day only a couple of weeks away, you might be wondering: what crafts should I do this holiday season? We have the inspiration you need! 

Try your hand at making some of these easy Christmas crafts for kids and adults. These crafts are fun, affordable, and will make great gifts for those loved ones on your list! Or you can use the festive crafts to decorate your home for the holidays. 


Why Make Christmas Crafts for Kids and Adults?

While some people prefer to make their own Christmas gifts, others like to use Christmas crafts to add a special homemade touch to their homes to ring in the holiday season. Crafting items can be as simple as personalized cards with items from the Dollar Store or as elaborate as creating a Winter Wonderland with a specialized craft kit. Whatever you choose, crafting enables you to make gifts and decorations with love. There's nothing quite like homemade crafts to spread Christmas cheer. 

Kids love the opportunity to get their hands dirty to make special gifts for loved ones or to have their own crafts featured in holiday home décor. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and helps them to feel a more significant part of the holiday season. Creating crafts with your children will ensure you make memories together that will last a lifetime. And it's so special to have reminders of when your children were young when you pull out the Christmas crafts you made together each year.  

Get Crafty With Doodle Hog: DIY Matching Christmas Tree Pajamas

For this craft, you will need the following materials: 

Step 1 Gather Materials

Here is a fun DIY for the whole family to enjoy this holiday season! Simply gather your materials, add some color, stamp, and wear! 

    Step 2 Tie Dye

    You can use any color for your pajamas! Let your creativity shine. We kept it simple & stuck with green. Here is a Christmas secret...we liked using our avocado tie dye tone from our Fancy Plants Tie Dye Kit.

    Damp Shirt

    • you can do a soda ash soak for 15 minutes before tie dyeing- Doodle Hog kits come with soda ash for this optional step - helps give brighter results
    Tie Dye Technique: Crumple
    • the tie dye technique we are doing is the crumple or as we call it, the crumplestiltskin. It's a classic technique that is easy for beginners
    • crumple up the damp shirt - you don't need rubber bands but you can use them if you want a tighter crumple with more white in your results
    • place on Doodle Hog tray - or in a bin/bucket - something that it can stay in for 24 hours

    Step 3 Prep Your Stamps

    Grab scissors & a marker. This part can be a little tricky! We recommend using our Christmas Tree Template for the best Christmas tree results. You can also come up with your own designs that you can change with the season. 

    Step 4 Paint & Stamp

    Using fabric paint, paint your sponge & cover all edges. Press down firmly on your shirt and repeat the steps!

    Step 5 Show It Off

    Make pajamas for the whole family to enjoy! Make sure to snap a picture and tag us on instagram @doodlehogcrafts. We love to see your crafty creations! 

    More Last-Minute Christmas Craft Gift Ideas

    When it comes to Christmas crafts, purchasing craft kits for loved ones is the perfect solution. If you are looking for last-minute gifts that the craft lovers in your life are sure to use and enjoy, we have what you need at Doodle Hog. Don’t worry about dealing with the crowds at the mall or getting something that may not even make it out of the box! 

    Here are some of our favorite last-minute gift choices: 

    At Doodle Hog, we are all about handcrafting joy through art, and we believe art and craft gifts are excellent for Christmastime and all year long. The projects engage kids, teens, and adults and give them a beautiful piece of art that brings a sense of pride and accomplishment.  

    Christmas Ornament Crafts

    Christmas ornament crafts are a great way to dive into crafting with the kids while making your tree look festive. You can also give the ornaments as gifts to family members. Ask any parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle—a homemade ornament will always make them smile!  

    We have the perfect hassle-free craft kit to help you and the kids make 50 (yes, that’s right, FIFTY!) crafts you can use to adorn the tree. It’s the Doodle Hog DIY 50 Silly Crafts Kit. With this kit, you can even have a special crafts tree with only these ornaments, and it will be a stunner and a great conversation piece during the holidays. 

    Here’s what you can expect from this 400-piece craft kit turned ornament kit:

    • All the materials you need to make 50 crafts of 31 different designs
    • Easy crafts with step-by-step instructions
    • Suitable for crafters of all ages
    • Hands-on activity that encourages quality time together
    • Hours of crafty fun and entertainment
    • No need to purchase extra supplies
    • A variety of crafts, including string art, unicorn puppets, pipe cleaner dragons, dream catchers, and more!

    Once you’ve completed the crafts, place them on tree branches to show off your family’s creativity. The crafts’ bright colors and unique designs will make your Christmas tree pop! 

    Squishies: The Hot Item Tweens and Teens Love This Year

    One of our very favorite crafts to do during the holidays and all year long is squishies painting! Kids of all ages love this craft that sparks their creativity, serves as a great sensory activity, and gives them a cute stress-relief toy they can keep or give as a gift. 

    At Doodle Hog, we have a wide variety of Squishies Paint Kits—from alpacas to unicorns. Each kit comes with everything you need to paint the squishies.

    Looking for last-minute gift ideas? You’ll definitely want to check out our new squishy products:

    All of our squishies paint kits are one-of-a-kind and feature squishies with a nice slow rise for ultimate sensory enjoyment. Kids, tweens, and teens love to stretch, poke, squeeze, and squish them. They already want squishies—the fact that they can paint their own makes them all the more lovable and fun. 

    What’s Hot: The Latest in Christmas Craft Trends 

    What's on-trend for Christmas crafts this year? From Christmas ornament crafts and reindeer crafts to adorable squishies, there’s something for every interest and level of skill. DIY Christmas crafts are definitely hot and in-demand, and there are countless craft kits available to help you achieve a major parenting victory in the crafting department.  

    Some of the top crafts in our Christmas craft round-up include:

    •     Snowflake crafts
    •     Reindeer crafts
    •     Handprint crafts
    •     DIY Christmas ornaments using the Doodle Hog 50 Silly Crafts Kit
    •     Squishies

    What Christmas Crafts Will You Be Making?

    We hope this article has provided plenty of fresh and festive inspiration for easy Christmas crafts ideas for kids and adults you can try with your loved ones. What’s the project that sparks your interest? Drop us a line or tag us on social media to let us know which Christmas crafts you decide to create this season. We would love to see your fantastic creations!

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