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Creative ways to use our Dinokit

Posted on Dec 27, 2017

"Art Class " Roar"
  I used this product for the first time today with my Kindergartners! They loved it. Students used the Dab markers to stencil dinosaurs on white paper. They learned how to take turns, manipulate the materials, and learned dinosaur names as well. The stencils cleaned up in soapy water and are ready to go again for another project. We will finish our project next week by cutting out our dinosaurs and placing them on a stamped background. Our background was created by stomping plastic dinosaurs through a paint pad and making tracks across another piece of paper. So much fun!" - Stena
"Great Activity!"
"My little guy is 3.5 years old and obsessed with dinosaurs. As a mom, I loved the simplicity of an all-in-one art kit. I literally take the entire box out and set it on the island as I cook and it’s that easy to keep him entertained. Some of the activities are a little advanced (the little sticker activity) but there are tons of other activities to keep him
entertained." - Drewing
"A great addition to your classroom!"
"I am an art teacher & just recently tried out the DinoRoar kit as a center during my kindergarten and first-grade classes. The kids were allowed to choose their centers. This one always filled up. The kids loved all the different stencils. They were easy for the kids to use & great for their fine motor skills. The kit also comes with various other craft supplies. The kids loved the options, especially the paint dobbers." - Megan Bertel
"This was a fun kit that ny son asks to useevery day"
 "This was a fun kit that my son asks to use every day or two. I store it out of his reach or he'd probably be trying to access it every day! So far we've had fun with the stencils and dot markers, as well as the mosaic stick posters. He is almost 3.5 and needs my help to either hold or tape the stencils in place and also to help him peel the mosaic sticker pieces off the sheet (but he does put the stickers on his poster by himself). He LOVES the little notebook that came with the kit... he colors in it, uses his dot markers, and asks to take it in the car.... yay for no screen time! He is always VERY proud of his dinosaur creations from this kit.

We have been using the dab and dot markers by this company for a solid year, if not longer, and this is another fun product. We're going to start using some of the more fun pieces soon - pom poms, googly eyes, etc. :) I want to get back on the Doodle Hog blog for more craft ideas because I remember seeing some cute ones last time I was on their site. I wish they included some craft ideas with the kit itself but it's definitely not hard to go on their site and look... just not as convenient. :)

Bottom line: we enjoy this kit. It's nice to pull it out every few days for a nice change from coloring on paper like we usually do." - Benjamin Eby
"Perfect for Dino Loving Preshoolers"
"We started out with the stencils. I used a little painters tape to hold it to the paper. My son was amazed when we pulled the stencils off to reveal a BONE DINOSAUR! These markers are a great way to teach him how to grasp writing utensils and I can't wait to try the other activities!" - Elise

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