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  • Doodle Hog Dinoroar Craft and Learn Activity Kit
  • Craft pom poms from the kit
  • Googly eyes from the kit
  • Pipe cleaners from the kit
  • Craft glue
  • Construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


1. Draw a letter “D” on a piece of construction paper in block letter font.

2. Cut out the letter D drawn on the construction paper.

3. Use craft glue to glue the googly eyes on the front of your construction paper letter “D”.

4. Make 6-7 dots of glue on the front of the construction paper letter “D” and place craft pom poms from the kit onto each glue dot.

5. Cut five pipe cleaners from the kit into different lengths, each slightly shorter than the one before.

6. Fold each cut pipe cleaner in half to form a triangle shape.

7. Glue the open ends of each pipe cleaner to the back of the construction paper letter “D” to form the protective plates on the back of your dinosaur.

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