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Collection: Decorate for Spring with DIY Watercolor Easter Egg Garland

Easter is on the way!

Easter brings so many awesome things with it. For one, it means Spring is on the way. Easter comes with other things we love like jelly beans, marshmallow Peeps, chocolate bunnies, and best of all, the colorful dyed eggs!

Whether you like eggs dyed with vibrant hues or soft pastels, the bright and beautiful colors are so fun. Kids love that they can personalize each egg using different color dyes and patterns. The egg dying process is exciting for the whole family to do together.

With all the colors of dyed eggs, it’s easy to get inspired for Easter crafts. With that in mind, we created the DIY Watercolor Easter Egg Garland craft.

This craft brings all the rich colors of dyed Easter eggs into your home. Just like dying easter eggs, your family can personalize each paper egg of the garland using different watercolors and patterns. You can make your Watercolor Easter Egg Garland any size so that it fits the space that you want to hang it.

Whenever you walk past your colorful hanging Watercolor Easter Egg Garland, you’ll smile. And think of Spring.

Easter Egg Garland



Trace and cut out multiple easter egg shapes out of watercolor paper. If your child can use scissors, have them practice cutting them out.


Watercoloring Your Eggs

  • Place the egg shapes that you cut out of watercolor paper in an activity plastic tray.
  • With your liquid craft glue, draw different designs and patterns on one side of the egg shape. Leave the glue to dry for approximately 3 -5 hours.
  • When the glue is completely dry, begin to add color to your eggs using a watercolor brush pen and your favorite pigments of watercolors.
  • Get as creative as you want with each egg - personalize each egg with colors and tones.

Assembling Your Garland

  • Cut a piece of string and place your watercolor Easter eggs onto the string in whatever order you like best.
  • Using clear tape, secure the backs of each egg to the string.
  • Hang your DIY watercolor Easter garland somewhere that everyone can enjoy the bright colors!

We hope that your DIY Watercolor Easter Egg Garland craft brightens your Springtime and helps get you in the Easter spirit. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #doodlehog when you post photos of your garlands on social media.

Happy Easter Egg Garland Crafting,
♥ The Doodle Hog Team


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