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"Sturdy Trays"


“I was pleasantly surprised by how sturdy these trays are! I envision many years of use - even with young children. The colors are bright, and the size is quite handy. I can’t wait to get a few more sets to use in my art classes. Thanks for a great product, Doodle Hog!” - Tammy Hadaway

“I’m getting organized!!!” - Kim Shamblin

"Perfect for passing out scraps and other stuff!"

"Some snapshots from this week! I LOVE these. Perfect for passing out scrap paper, collecting all sorts of scraps, & passing out materials quickly & easily. These trays are a great size too. They don’t take up too much room on the tables & the sides come up just far enough so things don’t spill out. Great product." 
- Megan Shea

"Great for everyday use!"

"Love! Awesome trays! I use them in my art classroom almost every day! Just need two more!" 
-Alyse Kristine Cole

"Easy Stack Up and Clean Up!"

“I was able to use my trays to easily pass out supplies to each table. And I loved how they stacked up afterward so I could quickly set them aside for my next class. I also used them to hold the paper up inside my deep sink to some splatter painting with kindergarten. They worked perfectly for the job and cleaned up so easily!”
- Jeana Linhart

"Contains mess and keeps pieces from falling on the floor!"

“Use them a lot of STEAM Legos class with my littles to keep pieces from falling on the floor. Also used them today to do scratch art, keep the mess contained.”  
- Stephanie Villareal Murray

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