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Collection: Dino Banner

This decorative art project incorporates different fun elements of the new Dinoroar activity kit from Doodle Hog!

1. The first step is having you artists choose a dinosaur stencil from the kit. With thirteen to choose from, they’re sure to find one that they like!

2. Next, outline the stencil and fill in the dinosaur with one of the supplied Dab and Dot markers. Optional: outline the dinosaur with the color of your choice using the Metallic Dab and Dot Markers. In this example, we used regular black:

3. Cut out the stencil shape and use a hole punch to create two holes near the top of the paper in the center.

4. To create pendants, cut out triangular shapes from construction paper. Use paste or tape to attach craft pom-poms, which are supplied in the kit.

5. Finally, use a ribbon or string to line your dinosaurs and pendants together to create a banner!

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