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  • Doodle Hog Dinoroar Craft and Learn Activity Kit
  • Stegosaurus stencil from the Dinoroar kit
  • Googly eyes from the Dinoroar kit
  • Sheet of blue construction paper
  • Doodle Hog NOYO Crayons
  • Glue
  • Pencil


1. Fold your sheet of construction paper in half.

2. On the front of your folded construction paper card, use a pencil to trace the stegosaurus stencil onto the paper.

3. Color in the stegosaurus with a red Doodle Hog NOYO crayon. You can have your child use a wet paintbrush with the crayon for a watercolor effect, or smudge the color with their fingers for a pastel effect if you like.

4. Use a white Doodle Hog NOYO crayon to create white dots all over the front of the card around the dinosaur to create snowflakes. Leave an inch or two of space at the bottom under the dinosaur free from white dots so that you can write the wording for your card there.

5. Use a blue Doodle Hog NOYO crayon to write the words “Have a Dino-mite Holiday” on the front of your child’s card. 

6. Use glue to attach one of the googly eyes from the kit onto your dinosaur on the card.

7. With white, red and green Doodle Hog NOYO crayon, make elf hats on the top of each of the Stegosaurus’ scales on its back. You can see the photo for reference on how to help your child draw these hats.

8. Once the front of the card is complete, let your child draw or write a special message on the inside.

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