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    1. Begin by gluing together two Popsicle sticks into the shape of an “X”. These will serve as the hanger for your mobile, and the glue will need time to dry while you complete the rest of the craft

    2. Tear out four pages from the sketchbook in the Doodle Hog Dinoroar kit and trace one dinosaur stencil onto each page using a pencil and the stencils included in the kit.

    3. Place the pages with the dinosaur shapes drawn onto them on a protective service and use the dab and dot markers included in the kit or Doodle Hog Metallic Dab and Dot Markers to color in the shapes. Be sure to turn the pages over and color the back of the dinosaur shapes as well.

    4. Use scissors and cut out the dinosaur shapes from each piece of paper.

    5. With scissors or a hole puncher make a small hole at the top of each dinosaur shape. Thread a piece of thin ribbon through each hole and tie it securely but carefully

    6. Tie the string from each dinosaur shape onto a different end of the glued together popsicle sticks that you created earlier. You can see the photo for reference. Each end of a popsicle stick should have a dinosaur shape tied to it.

    7. Wrap some ribbon around the center of the Popsicle sticks where the two sticks meet and tie it securely in the center leaving some ribbon loose at the top to tie your dinosaur mobile to a fixture for displaying in your child’s bedroom

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