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DIY Dinosaur-themed Party Favor Bags

Posted on May 16, 2018

R-O-A-RRR!!! Do you know anyone who loves Dinosaurs?

Here's an example of a party favor for a Dinosaur themed party using some items from the Doodle Hog DinoKit and how they were used:


1- Stencils were used, along with Dab and Dot markers to create the base layer of the favor bag.

2- Pom-poms were added from the DinoKit to dress the dinosaurs and give them a more playful feel.

4- A variety of googly eyes were added on making the dinosaurs come to life!

5- Doodle Hog NOYO crayons were used to highlight and add texture to each dinosaur and draw on party hats to give the dinosaurs a more festive flair.


5- Dino Favor Bags were weaved through via a shiny gold ribbon to add some shine!
**Optional: Add a favor tag, "Thanks for stomping by!" ; stick on a label with "To" and "From"; or just write in the child's name!
These favor bags can be adapted for various occasions, such as, baby showers or graduation parties.

After the party, tape on a large popsicle stick on the back and they can be repurposed as a dinosaur puppet and have their own puppet show!

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  • These look great Yvonne! Love the repurposing and the details that really make the “dinosaurs” come to life!

    K. Lin on

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