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Collection: Easy St. Patrick's Day Crafts & Activities For Your Family

From rainbow shamrock suncatchers to perfectly green tie dye clothes, these St. Patrick’s Day crafts are pure gold.

Our easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts are a fun activity for your family to do together. These projects can be completed by crafters of any skill level - even your littlest of leprechauns. The crafts will help decorate your home and yourselves!

To help decorate your home for the March 17 occasion, our Shamrock Suncatcher craft is a sham-rockin’ good time. Your kiddos select any combination of colors to create this craft, so it’s personalized. Winter can be kinda dreary so the bright and colorful Shamrock Suncatchers are fun to hang in the windows.

Shamrock Suncatcher



Lay down easel paper or paper towels on your work surface to keep your work surface clean.


To Make the Rainbow Filters

  • Take one coffee filter and flatten the edges to make a flat circle. Begin to decorate the filter using Dab and Dot markers. We love rainbow patterns to keep up with the St. Patrick's day theme.
  • Once dry, using a spray bottle to lightly mist the decorated coffee filters so the colors bleed and blend together. Lay flat to dry.

To Make the Shamrock Window

  • Using one piece of construction paper fold it in half, then fold it in half once more.
  • Using the inside corner where the middle is, draw a heart shape with a pencil. Next, draw a second heart shape about 1-2 inches away from the first heart.
  • Cut along both lines, when unfolded, you should have a shamrock-shaped frame.

Putting it All Together

  • With a glue stick, rub the glue along the outside of your shamrock frame and attach your coffee filter rainbow.
  • Let this dry and repeat this process for the other shamrock frames.
  • To display your shamrocks, use clear tape and attach it to a window or mirror.

St. Patrick's Day decorating isn’t just for the house either. If your family is feeling a wee bit Irish, designing lucky green tie dye is the perfect activity. With our Fancy Plants Green Tie Dye Kit everyone can custom tie dye their own t-shirts, bandannas, hoodies, scrunchies, tights, socks, or face masks.

All you need is clothing or accessories made of mostly cotton fabric and our Fancy Plants Green Tie Dye Kit. The custom fabric dye in the kit is the perfect three shades of green for monochromatic technique, two-tone dying, or multi color. Each family member can choose their own tie dye technique when making their project.

Whether you’re looking to create DIY flair for St. Patrick’s Day or just want a creative activity for your family, you’ll love these craft ideas.

Lucky Green Tie Dye


The Fancy Plants Green Tie Dye Kit comes with everything else that you need. The tie dye kit includes 3 bottles of custom clothing dye with refill packs (2 per color) totaling 9 bottles, 3 bags of soda ash for pre-soaking items, disposable gloves, 30 ties and easy-to-use technique guide.

We hope that your St. Patrick’s Day activities are shamrocks and shenanigans for everyone in your family. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #doodlehog when you post photos of them on social media.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Crafting,
♥ The Doodle Hog Team

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