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Hi everyone!

The weather had been so humid and hot this summer. Who’s ready for Autumn? Autumn with the cooler weather, pretty sunset leaves, pumpkin pies and apple cider donuts; Autumn where the leaves blow and trees sway. Autumn where sweater weather begins and the kids will be starting school for the new school year.

via Hopscotch Mom

Here’s a fun activity the kids can do with bleeding tissue paper, glue, scraps of brown paper, a water spray and blank white paper.


Bleeding Tissue paper (cut out into any leaf shape(s))

Scraps of Brown Paper (or cut/torn into strips)


Water spray filled with water

Optional: Photos of Autumn Trees(to be used as prompts/Inspiration)

Optional: Doodle Hog Art Trays (to contain the art and prevent the table from being stained by the bleeding tissue paper)


1.- Have child decide whether they want their trees to be created horizontally or vertically on the white paper.

2.- Have child pick brown scraps and use glue to create a tree trunk and branches.

3.- Place (not glue) red, orange and yellow leaves onto the tree. If your child want to glue some and spray some, it’s entirely up to them! You can adjust the shape and size of leaves to your liking.

via hopscotch mom

4.- Have child spray water onto the bleeding tissue paper.

5.- Remove all tissue paper once they are dried. You can remove them early if you are short on time, but may want to use tongs then, as the wet bleeding tissue paper can stain fingers and table.

Doodle Hog Art Trays hold the standard size paper well, contains the mess and are easy to wipe clean. Great for stacking so that the creation can dry properly.

What are some of your favorite ways to create Autumn Trees?

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