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Father’s Day falls on June 17th this year. Have you made your card yet? Here’s an idea for a collage inspired card with a touch of pop-up flair, using Our Doodle Hog Metallic Dab and Dot Markers. The card is divided into several steps:


Decorate your paper for the collage using the Dab and Dot Metallic Markers. The children will enjoy decorating their paper freely, especially when they notice the shimmer of the metallic markers. A thicker watercolor paper was used here to help give a more 3-dimensional look, for when the card is assembled later on. It also makes for a sturdier accordion (see step 4) for the pop-up feature. 


Have the children cup up the paper however they want.


Ask the child(ren) what they like to do with dad or why they love dad and have them create the scene.  This was a scene of a sunny day at the park with double slides and swings. Your child may say they like camping with dad and you can assist them (if requested) to perhaps create an outdoor scene with trees, tents, cabins or campfires.


Find a corresponding photo for the pop-up portion of the card. The children here all chose a photo from their family album of when they were at the park with their dad. Create an accordion or two to stick on to the back to create the pop-up. 




Having all the parts of the card in trays can help stay organized; one for each step (marker and glue tray , collage tray, photo tray with accordion and assembly tray). 

The children will use the cut up collage paper to create the scene. You can have them cut out the photo and glue it onto the card with the accordion, wherever they choose (you can ask them where and you can help the with this part to figure out how to glue the accordion part to the card to make it pop up). When you push on the card, the photo should spring slowly down and right back up.

Have them glue or write "Happy Father's Day" on the card and write out their responses. Have your child add on additional details with NOYO Crayons or regular markers if they wish for extra detailing. 

Bonus Idea: Create a dad portrait using the collage pieces for the front of a Father’s Day Card.  

How do you plan to celebrate Father's Day? Do you have a traditions, such as making daddy's favorite breakfast in bed or routine, such as a morning kite fly or dinner at a favorite restaurant? 


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