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At Doodle Hog we've been thinking of spring and have been inspired to create some fun and easy crafts to celebrate the season. Our design team has come up with five easy spring craft ideas that will instantly add a pop of color to your home. We love these flower crafts for the classroom, Easter, Mother's Day, and First Day of Spring!

Handprint Flower Card

What's more precious than a child's thumbprint, really? Hand and footprint crafts are so popular because they're just so cute! You'll always remember how teeny tiny your child's perfect little hands were when you all have a Dab and Dot party with this adorable card craft. When you can't get a bouquet of fresh flowers...this is a close second! Start by tracing your child's hand, and cutting it out.Take your NOYO Crayons or Dab and Dot Markers and make five flowers, one above each finger.




  1. Start with a piece of paper and trace your child’s hand.
  2. Color your traced hand green with your NOYO Crayons and cut it out.
  3. With your favorite Dab and Dot Markers, make five flowers for each finger on a new sheet of paper. For our card, we dotted flowers into groups of five and cut them out.
  4. On another piece of paper draw a flower pot shape wide enough to fit the bottom of the hand. Cut out this shape and repeat so you have two identical flower pot shapes. Color the shapes brown or your favorite color.
  5. With your glue stick, attach the green handprint shape to a piece of paper.
  6. Attach one of your flower pot shapes underneath the wrist of the hand.
  7. With your second flower pot shape, fold at the top edge about 1 inch down so it will open. Attach the second shape using a strip of glue at the top edge above your fold line to the lower flower pot shape.
  8. Attach your flowers from your Dab and Dot markers to the fingers.
  9. Write your message on the inside.

Rock Cactus Garden

Introducing the easiest (and cutest) houseplant that requires NO water! Not only will your kids love feeling like a little artist with this project, but they'll also learn about cacti, and other fun, sweet desert plants. Picking out rocks is going to be half the fun for all of you to do!



  1. Spend some time outside and collect a few of your favorite small stones. When looking for rocks, look for them to be flat and smooth on at least one side.
  2. Once you’ve gathered all your stones, clean them in some soapy water and pat them dry.
  3. Take your rocks and place them in your planter. This will give you a good idea of which rocks make a good arrangement. We like to place taller rocks near the back and smaller rocks in the front.
  4. Take a picture of your rocks in the planter to use as a reference.
  5. Begin decorating your rocks. We found it easiest to start making your spike designs with the white NoYo crayons first, then color the rest of the rock green.
  6. Experiment with drawing various stripes, using multiple shades of green, adding dots or “X’s” to form spikes.
  7. Once colored, add your rocks in the desired arrangement. 

Coffee Filter Flowers

Create these fun and colorful flowers with a favorite kitchen staple...a coffee filter!


  • Paper coffee filters (3-4 per flower)
  • Dab and Dot Markers
  • stapler
  • pipe cleaners
  • spray bottle filled with water

Creating your Flowers: 

  1. Have your child use their Dab and Dot markers to cover each coffee filter with lots of colors. Use 3-5 colors for the best results. To prevent the markers from bleeding onto your coloring surface, lay a piece of paper under the coffee filter.
  2. Once colored, lay your coffee filter on a flat surface and spray with a spray bottle filled with water. Let them dry.
  3. Once dry, stack 3-4 coffee filters on top of each other. Fold the stack in half to make a semi-circle. Then fold once more to make ¼ of a circle.
  4. Take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the folded corner of your ¼ circle. This will become your stem. Add a staple or two to secure the stem.
  5. Gently unfold your flower by pulling each coffee filter layer apart. Fluff as necessary.

Paper Flower Power!

This adorable paper flower craft is perfect for gifting or showcasing on your fridge. You can make one as a special stem, or a whole bouquet!



  1. Take your favorite Dab and Dot marker and dot your paper, let dry
  2. Cut your paper into strips about 1 inch wide.
  3. With your paper strip, take one end and bring it to the top to make a loop. Add a dot of glue and press to secure.
  4. Repeat a few times so you have enough petals for your flower.
  5. Take a second piece of paper and begin to dot a circle in the middle with a contrasting color. Let Dry.
  6. With your paper petal loops, glue them around the center of your flower. 
  7. Decorate your paper with NOYO crayons and write a sweet message. We love this idea to celebrate Easter, Mother’s Day, or just because!

Variation: Cut out the flower center and glue paper strips to the back. Attach a paper straw to create a single blossom!

Egg Carton Flowers

Take one of your old egg cartons and our NOYO crayons to create these sweet blossoms. We love this fun spring craft for toddlers.

Tip: Save your egg cartons from Easter egg dyeing to use for this easy flower craft idea!


  • Egg Carton - this can be paper or Styrofoam
  • NOYO Crayons
  • Wooden Skewer
  • Glue


  1. With the help of an adult cut an egg carton in a section of four. Two egg compartments should be stacked on top of each other in a square shape.
  2. Trim the edges if needed to look more like a flower shape. 
  3. Have your child draw or color on the inside of the egg carton with their NoYo crayons. For best results use colors close together on the color wheel.
  4. To make the center of the flower, glue a button or pom in the very middle.
  5. If using a wooden skewer, color the skewer green for a stem. 
  6. Glue a straw or wooden skewer on the back of your flower to add a stem.

We hope these crafts help inspire you in celebrating the Spring season. For more creative ideas, check out on InstagramPinterest, and Facebook

Add some color to your day,

♥ The Doodle Hog Team

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