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Collection: Fun with Resin! Letters with Mica Powders


If you’re from the south, you know how trendy monograms are! From purses to polos and everything in  between..there’s a monogram or letter with their initials. You know who else loves their initials? Teenagers! We’ll admit, it’s fun to smack your first initial on your favorite notebook or wallet. There’s a  sense of ownership and a bit of whimsy!  

With that said, are you ready to jump on the monogram/initial bandwagon? We have the perfect DIY for you! Colorful letter keychains can run $25+ at a department store or boutique. But, with some resin and our Ultra Fine Mica Powders, you can create letter keychains (and so much more) for much less! 

For an easy resin letter craft, just like the cute ones pictured here, grab these supplies: 

(optional supplies) 


1.- Use newspaper or other table covering to protect your work surface.

2.- Set up the silicone letter mold on a flat surface. It is best to not move these after you have poured the resin in, so make sure they can be easily transported or are out of the way for at least 24 hours.

3.- Decide how many colors you’d like to incorporate into your design! Use one disposable cup for each color and pour your desired amount of mica powder into each cup (​don’t worry, you can add more later if you’d like)!

4.- Read the instructions on your 2-Part Epoxy Resin. All resin is different!

5.- Wear rubber gloves and mix the epoxy resin as directed by the instructions, and divide it into the cups for each color. Stir each cup to thoroughly incorporate the mica powder.

6.- Slowly pour the colored resin into the molds. Try pouring more than one color at a time or using an extra popsicle stick to create patterns in the colors!

7.- Keep the coaster molds level so that they dry flat.

8.- Let the molds dry out of reach of pets, kids, and debris for as long as directed.

9.- Pop your coasters out of the molds and enjoy!

10.- For magnets: hot glue a magnet to the back of each letter

11.- For keychains: use the resin drill to carefully drill a small hole through the letter. Attach the keyring and add an extra tassel or beads for a touch of glam!


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