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The next time that you hang your child’s artwork to the fridge, ask yourself what that means.

Maybe you’re just appeasing your child or just filling up fridge space; but you’re also encouraging creativity in major ways! Displaying your kiddo’s creations shows support in their work, helps make memories and builds confidence. It’s a big deal!

Not only is it adorable, but displaying your kid’s artwork puts the biggest smile on their face...and that’s what we call a win-win! Outside of magnets on the fridge, there are plenty of other (cute) opportunities for you to show off your little one’s creativity. Let’s get creative with showcasing creativity!


Here are some fun ways to display your child’s artwork:


Clipboards aren’t just for athletic coaches! Group clipboards across a wall for an easy way to swap out and display the latest masterpieces. No need to worry about the artwork being different sizes, using the same size boards will help maintain a uniform appearance!


It’s a tried and true classic way to display artwork. Simply attach a string between two nails or pins in your wall; and use clothespins or decorative binder clips to attach your child’s artwork. It’s minimal, cute and easy to swap out new additions!


Frames & Cork Board

Who doesn’t have empty picture frames around their house? Put those empty frames to good use by popping in your kid’s latest doodle. You can either cut the crafts to size of each varying frame; or you can insert cork board backings to the frames for easy, continued use. Chic frames can really match an elegant room aesthetic without looking out of place.

Magnetic Paint

Ooh, it’s DIY time! Give magnetic paint a try, and select a section of your wall (or old picture frame). Once you have a magnetic area, decorate it with cute magnets and add on the art!


Introducing your newest (and new favorite) coffee table book. Many websites offer customizable photo album creation, specifically for the submission of kid’s art and creations. Assemble a year’s worth of your kiddos art in a cool binder or hardcover photo album for all to page through!

With all these great ideas, I think it’s time for your kids to grab their Dab & Dot Markers and NOYO Crayons and get crafting! Keep encouraging creativity and boosting your young creator’s confidence.

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