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Collection: Express Your Back To School Vibes With a Self Portrait

While back to school time is always a mix of emotions for our children, this year there’s an added level of unease with heading back to class with the new modifications of social distancing and wearing masks.

Adjusting to this new normal and the feelings about these new challenges can be tricky. Which is why we’re so excited to share this ‘Express Yourself Mask Portrait’ art project with you.

Originally shared by artist and teacher Cassie Stephens, we developed this project for kids to express their unique personalities with a masked and unmasked self-portrait. We hope that this art project creates some back to school excitement in your house and helps your kids creatively express themselves.

Your child will work on their understanding of color, pattern, and proportions by using NOYO Crayons to create their portraits. This project can also exercise communication skills if they write down words to describe themselves on their Express Yourself Mask Portrait. And most fun, they get to draw and color their smile!

We’ve created a downloadable face template for the art project and provided some easy-to-follow instructions below.

We can’t wait to see all of your Express Yourself Mask Portraits, so please tag us when posting your photos on Facebook or Instagram!



  1. Download and print the face template here.
  2. Lay the paper down with the printed face template facing up. Fold in half vertically along the center ‘Fold’ line matching the outer corners.
  3. Keeping the paper folded in half, take the top piece of the paper and fold down until you see the bottom ‘Fold’ line. Press the fold to crease, this should make your template look like a face with a mask on.
  4. Color your masked portrait by adding things like hair, eyes, and skin color to customize your upper face then decorate the mask. You can write your name in the upper left corner too.
  5. When the masked portrait is complete, fold the top panel forward along the top ‘Fold’ line then unfold the paper completely. Your paper should be creased in 4 panels.
  6. In the 2nd panel from the top, draw and color the mouth to show your smile. You can add teeth, lips and other characteristics to show what makes you special.
  7. Now in the 2nd panel (outside the mouth) and 3rd panel, add your favorite colors and patterns to personalize your portrait. This is also a space where you can write down words to describe who you are.
  8. When you’re done coloring, your Express Yourself Masked Portrait is complete. When folded it shows your face with a mask on then when opened, it reveals your smile and expresses all the colorful things that make you special.


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