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Collection: Get Ready for Spring with this Fun 3D Balloon Craft

Get ready for spring with this hot air balloon craft and our new Pastel Dab and Dot markers!


  • 6 sheets of thick paper 8.5”x11” (watercolor paper or thick paper work best)
  • Pastel Dab and Dot markers
  • String
  • Scissors 
  • Glue stick


Begin by gathering your materials and print and cut out the template from our website

Fold all your paper sheets in half. Then with the flat end of the template, line up the edge to the folded side of the paper and trace the balloon cutout.

 Take your scissors and cut each shape. 

Open your cut shapes, the folded line should be in the center. Take your Pastel Dab and Dot markers and decorate! Try mixing colors by dabbing one color over another. 

To make a basket - cut out a rectangle and color with your markers.

Once your balloon is decorated take the two halves of the balloon and glue one of the folded balloon shapes. Repeat the process by lining up and gluing another balloon shape to it. Repeat this process of gluing and adding paper until you have three of your balloon cut out shapes together. 

Repeat this process of glue and adding paper process on the other three pieces.

Determine how high you want your balloon to hang and cut your string to fit.
Take your string and glue it to one half of the balloon. You might have to press the string for a few seconds before it sticks

To attach the basket, glue string onto each side of the basket and glue the opposite ends of the string onto one half of the balloon.

Add glue on the opposite balloon half and attach it to the half with the string and basket.



Alternative options:

  • Use our NoYo crayons instead or with the Dab and Dot markers
  • Try mixing the dab and dot colors by layering colors over each other.
  • Using wax crayons, draw shapes on your balloon and color over the shapes with your set of Dab and Dot markers. The wax will resist the marker creating a unique texture!


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