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Collection: How Ashley Made Gifting for Mother’s Day Fun and Easy

Who hasn’t wracked their brain thinking about gifting for Mother’s Day? We go looking for something personal, useful, and delightful, something that conveys just how much we love and appreciate Mom. It’s no wonder so many moms end up with an Amazon card, flowers, or a coupon for free hugs. While Mom’s sure to appreciate any gift, something from the heart is sure to be treasured.

So when Ashley showed us what she’d made for the mothers in her life, we knew we had to share it with you. It’s colorful, pretty, practical, and completely unique. Even better, you’ll have so much fun creating that you won’t want to limit this to gifting for Mother’s Day. It could become your new go-to for gifts all year-round.

Here’s Ashley:

For Mother’s Day this year, I wanted to give my mom, sister-in-law, and best friends something really special, something they’d really enjoy. It needed to be something unique that they couldn’t just go buy for themselves. The cherry on top would be if I could make these gifts myself.

After thinking about it for a while, I found the perfect gift - marbled ring dishes, made from polymer clay. The ring dishes were easy and fun to make, and I was able to customize them to match each woman’s favorite color palettes. This easy DIY craft allowed me to get creative in gifting for Mother’s Day and show my love and appreciation for these women.

You can do it, too! Here’s how I made my Marbled Clay Ring Dish

Clay Bowls Finished


  • 3+ oven bake clay (white, black, and colored)
  • 6” cookie cutter or large can or jar to trace around
  • Cookie sheet
  • Waxed paper
  • Gold liquid gilding paint or gold paint pen
  • Rolling pin or large round jar/glass
Clay Bowls Materials


1. Roll each color of clay that you want to use into a snake about 5″ long. You basically want enough clay to roll out a 6″ circle. Don’t worry about using the same amount of clay for each color. Part of the beauty of these dishes is that no two are the same, even if you follow the same process each time.
Pro Tip: The thinner the rolls and the more rolls you create, the more marbled the look you will get. This was something I learned after creating my bowls.
Step 2-1
2. Combine the smaller rolls into one big roll and twist them together.
Step 2-2
3. Roll the large twist into a snake about twice the original length to combine the colors. Twist the ends in opposite directions after every few motions to give the colors more of a candy cane look. Once it’s twice the length, fold the snake in half. Then, twist the two ends together, as pictured beside. Repeat the rolling, folding, twisting, and rolling again process 2-3 times.
Step 3
4. Smoosh all the clay into a ball. You want to see most of your colors on the surface of the ball, so pull the ball in half and re-smoosh together if you don’t.
5. Use a rolling pin or glass jar to roll out your marbled ball. I like to use a glass jar so I can see what is happening as I roll harder or softer over certain colors. The colors should blend together and create a marbled pattern as you roll over the clay. Try rolling different directions, from the edge, from the center, etc. to push the clay from different angles. Roll to 1/4″ thick.
6. Use a round item about 6″ wide as a template for the dish. If you have a cookie cutter, that’ll work really well.
Step 6-1
7. Place your dish on a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper. Use your pointer finger and thumb to shape the bowl. Pinch lightly to create a shell or scalloped edge. Bake the bowl according to the directions on the clay package (mine was 30 minutes at 230°F). Remove the dish from the oven and allow the clay to cool.
Step 6-2
8. Once the clay is completely cool, use a small brush to paint the rim of the dish. You can also brush it with a paint pen. Allow the paint to dry. Seal the dish with a glaze if you desire.
Step 8

    Wrap it up and give it to Mom. She’ll love that you created something so special just for her, and you’ll love knowing she thinks of you every time she puts her rings in this pretty gift.

    If you decide to make Ashley’s clay ring dish, we’d love to see your creation! Post it and tag us using #ringdish and #doodlehog

    The Doodle Hog Team

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