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Need ideas on how to keep the kids busy this Fourth of July? Here are five July 4th Crafts that serve a purpose and also lots of fun to do:

1. DIY Eraser-Stamped 4th of July Shirt

Via Cutesy CraftsCutesy Crafts has a step by step tutorial on a Fourth of July t-shirt using a pencil eraser and stamp pads! You pretty much cut out a star shape and tape it onto the blank t-shirt. Grab some fabric friendly ink pads and use the back of a pencil eraser to dab the dots onto the t-shirt, around the star. Remove the star and you have a shirt fit to wear for your Fourth of July festivities. You can get creative and use even more colors to create fireworks or use a star stamps to create create a star print all over the shirt, hat or dress!

 2. No Mess Tie Dye Shirt 

via Stay at Home Educator

Photo used with permission by Sarah Punkoney, author of Stay At Home Educator.

Sarah at Stay at Home demonstrates a clever use of fabric markers and rubber bands to create a tie dye effect, without the mess! Grab a blank t-shirt, rubber bands and some fabric markers and get coloring! 

3. Metallic Dab and Dot Marker and Masking Tape Resist Fireworks

via Hopscotch Mom via Hopscotch Mom via Hopscotch Mom

via Hopscotch Mom via Hopscotch Mom via Hopscotch Mom

Rip and tape thin pieces of washi tape or painters or masking tape and tape them onto a blank sheet of paper to mimic fireworks. The length of the tape can be long, short, or a combination to create any design you want for the fireworks. Use the Metallic Dab and Dot Markers and dab them all around! When you peel off the tape, you will see the background for the fireworks, lighting up the sky.  

4- DIY Fourth of July Spinner

via Hopscotch Mom  via Hopscotch Mom  

via Hopscotch Mom  via Hopscotch Mom

via Hopscotch Momvia Hopscotch Mom

These set of cardboard spinners were decorated using Doodle Hog NOYO Crayons. If you have the 36 piece set, the color combinations are countless! After you decorate, all you need are recycled cardboard cutouts, scissors for making the two holes in the center. Using either balloon ribbon or twine,  thread through both holes. Some ropes are better at twirling and unwinding than others. Red Ted Art shows a video tutorial on how to use these spinners to see color theory in action. You can do red, white and blue for a patriotic theme, rainbow or firework inspired! Doodle Hog Art Trays were used in the photo above to hold the supplies and contain the pieces. It was also very to easy wipe/ clean.

Bonus: If the You can even wear the spinners as a necklace after!

5. DIY Confetti Popper

via Parties for PenniesHaving a July 4th gathering and want the kids to partake in the celebration? Head over to Parties for Pennies for a fun and cute craft on DIY Confetti Poppers.  If you don’t have access to a hot glue gun or straw, or bottle cap, you can change it up by using a half cut and knotted balloon to cover over the bottom of the toilet paper roll to use it as a pull and release type of popper once you fill it with confetti; cover the top of the toilet paper with any type of paper and secure with glue stick, pressing down around the sides like you see on a push pop; and peel when ready to pop the confetti. You can even use cut up pieces of whatever scrap paper you have laying around the house such as half used construction paper, magazines or newspaper to make the confetti more eco-friendly.

What are you plans for the Fourth of July? Do you have a favorite craft you do with the kids to celebrate Independence Day? 


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