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Collection: Our Newest Cars, Trains and Trucks Workbook


Beep, beep! Time to hit the road with this fun workbook. Little ones will love coloring in these fun workbook pages with their Dab and Dot Markers. Print these free coloring pages for hours of fun for your kids.


Road Trip
Transportation2 Thinking about hitting the road this summer? This free coloring page is such a fun activity for the day. Let kids color in the page and then let them guess what you're doing that day.
Big Box Truck
Transportation3 If your kids love trucks, this is a great page for them. They can pretend it's any kind of truck they want. It can even be the moving truck if you're in the process of moving and need something to keep the little ones busy.
Box Truck #2
Transportation5 This is another great truck coloring page that your kids can pretend is any type of truck they want. It might even be a truck delivering a big box of toys.
Traveler Train
Transportation6 Do you kids love trains? Then this free coloring page is a must. As they color, ask them how many wheels and windows are on the train as a fun way to sneak in a bit of math.
City Car
Transportation7 Does daddy work in the city? The kiddos can pretend this is daddy's car and color it in to match.
Commuter Train
Transportation8 This is another great train page that kids are going to love to color in. If they have any questions about these fast trains, do a bit of research and teach them some fun facts about how fast the trains go.
Old Time Truck
Transportation9 If the kids love all kids of trucks, this is a fun page of an old truck.
Love Bug
Transportation10 If your kids love old school cars, this free coloring page will be a big hit.
Mini Van

Time to hit the road for soccer practice. This page is great if your family has a mini van.

Steam Train

This free coloring page can actually be cut out with kid safe scissors to make one long steam train.

Happy Wheels
Transportation13 Everyone will smile when they see this happy looking car. It's such a fun page for kids to color
Sports Truck
Transportation14 Little boys will love this free coloring page. This sports truck will be an instant hit with the little man of the house.
Subway Train
Transportation15 This is another train that kids can cut out to make into a longer train. If your kids love trains, this makes a great wall hanging in their rooms.
Transportation16 Honk, honk! This semi is bringing in loads of fun for your kids.
Loaded Truck
Transportation17 This truck has a big load of fun all boxed up and ready to go.
Road Trip #2
Transportation18 Time for more fun in the sun with another great road trip.
Dump Truck
Transportation19 This is another fun coloring page for little boys. They'll love making big truck noises as they color in this page.
Dump Truck #2
Transportation20 Let the boys continue the fun with another great dump truck coloring page.
Garbage Truck
Transportation21 Time to take out the trash because the garbage truck has arrived.
Toy Train
Transportation22 This toy train is a great coloring page for Christmas.
Sports Car
Transportation23 Vroom, vroom! Time to hit the open road in this speedy little car.
Muscle Car
Transportation24 Who doesn't love muscle cars? This free coloring page will be a bit hit with father and son.
Smoky Car
Transportation25 Uh-oh. This car seems to have a bit of an issue. Maybe your little car enthusiast can figure out the problem.
Packed Up Car
Transportation26 Time to get moving. This car is loaded up and ready to go. We hope your little ones enjoy these free coloring pages. Order your Dab and Dot Markers, print out these pages, and let your kids get to work.

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