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Collection: Patriotic Tie-Dye So Cool They'll Forget All About the Ice Cream Truck

Fourth of July weekend is perfect for outdoor activities. Celebrate the long weekend by designing one of these patriotic tie-dye designs. Start with a Party Pack of dye and try these easy and fun designs you’ll want to sport all summer long.

Bomb Pop Design

We were inspired by the popular bomb pop popsicle to create this patriotic tee or onesie. This design is so simple to create, you’ll want to create matching shirts for the whole family!


    Before You Start: Wash your onesie or tee before dyeing.


    Step 1 Fold and Secure

    • Gather all your supplies.
    • Optional Step: soak your garment in soda ash for 5- 10 minutes before.
    • Take your garment and scrunch it into a long tube.
    • Secure with rubber bands about one third of the way down. Repeat with the bottom third of the shirt.Your shirt should now be divided into thirds.
    Step 1-aStep 1-b

    Step 2: Add Color

    • Take your red dye and color the top third of your garment.
    • Take your blue dye and color the bottom third of your garment blue. Leave the middle section of your shirt white.
    Step 2-aStep 2-b

    Step 3 Wait, Wash and Wear

    • Let your shirt sit for 24 hours before rinsing. Rinse in cool water until water runs clear. Wash with like colors.
    Bomb Pop Onesie

    We also tried this technique with a t-shirt! Have each family member make one to sport matching looks this year!

    Flag Tee

    This will be your new summer essential for all parades, gatherings and fireworks.


    Before You Start: Wash your tee or pillowcase before dyeing.

    Step 1 Fold and Secure

    • Gather your materials.
    • Take your tee or pillowcase and section off about one fourth. You can use a washable marker if needed.
    • Pinch sections of the shirt about the size of your thumb and secure.
    • Repeat across the first third of the shirt.With the rest of the shirt.
    • Form into a tube design and section it off.
    • Continue adding more rubber bands down the length of your shirt.
    Step 1-a Step 1-b

    Step 2 Add Color

    • Take your blue dye and saturate the starburst pattern with dye.
    • Leave the tips of each section undyed.
    • With the other two thirds of your shirt, color every other section red.
    • Make sure to saturate each red section well with red dye.
    • Leave the other sections white.
    Step 2-a Step 2-b

    Step 3 Wait, Wash and Wear

    • Let garment sit for 24 hours. Then rinse, cut out rubber bands and wash.
    Flag Tee


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