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Collection: Paul Cézanne Inspired Still Life Apple and Fruits

Hi everyone!

It’s the peak of apple picking season and what better way to pay tribute to those beautiful, delicious, crunchy, tart and all varieties of apples by doing a still life of apples (or of whatever you pick up at the farm)?

Paul Cezanne was a French Artist. National Gallery of Art discusses how Cézanne’s use of colors helped him form a connectedness in his overall pictures, yielding a harmonies look throughout. Doodle Hog NOYO Crayons were used in this project to create a Still Life of Apples and Fruit inspired by the Apple Picking Season. 

Still Life Paintings Paul Cezanne 173-Wikimedia Commons

via public domain

Image Source: Public Domain

by Paul Cézanne 

Here is a Picture Walk of the Project:

Children can choose a dark color for outlining and other colors for their fruit. Here, a pumpkin, 2 apples and a pear were drawn and colored in. You can use 2 or more colors of the same variations to make the fruit look more realistic. Sometimes, an apple is truly all red, yellow or green. Sometimes, apples are red, with a mix of orange or yellow towards its middle. Keep it simple with one color to fill in the fruit for younger children or invite older children to use several colors to blend.You can chose one or two colors to dabble onto each fruit piece and blend it to give your piece a more cohesive look. Yellow and white were used here to balance the picture and make it more harmonious. We kept the background simple here, by just drawing a line to show perspective and how the fruit were sitting on the table. The child can choose the color of their choice to fill the background in. The beauty in art is that there is no such thing as wrong.

via Hopscotch Mom

With older children, you can include a display of apples and/or fruit still life, on a plate or bowl, along with a tablecloth for them to refer to. You can go more into details on perspective or how to create layers/depths in the folds of the table cloth.

Do you go apple picking this time of year? 

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