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  • Doodle Hog Dinoroar Craft and Learn Activity Kit
  • Pom poms from the Dinoroar Craft Kit
  • Googly eyes from the Dinoroar Craft Kit
  • Pipe cleaners from the Dinoroar Craft Kit
  • Low temperature hot glue gun or other fast drying craft glue


*Note: If you are using a low temperature hot glue gun, be sure it is the adult using it and not the child. Never let children use a hot glue gun of any temperature unattended.

1. Glue together two of the largest sized pom poms in the Dinoroar kit.

2. Wrap a pipe cleaner from the kit around a small pencil, to form a coiled spring shape, and glue that pipe cleaner spring to the top of one of the glued together pom poms to form the neck of your dinosaur.

3. Use glue to attach one of the medium sized pom poms from the kit onto the top of the pipe cleaner spring that you just attached to the pom poms to form the head.

4. Form four more pipe cleaner springs to use as the legs of your dinosaur.

5. Glue all four of the pipe cleaner springs to the bottom of the large poms poms, two on either side to form legs.

6. Using glue, attach two googly eyes onto the front of the pom pom head of your dinosaur.

7. Wrap a green pipe cleaner around a pencil to form another pipe cleaner spring. This time, leave one end pointed out a bit to form a tip for the dinosaur’s tail. Glue on the pipe cleaner spring to the back of your dinosaur.

8. Fold a green pipe cleaner so that you create 3 pointed triangle shapes along its length, you can view the photo for reference. This will form the protective plates on the back of your dinosaur. Glue it to the top of the large pom poms behind the neck and in front of the tail.

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