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Collection: Sara of 'Color It In' Art Studio Uses NOYO Gel Crayons to Teach!

Color us happy this new year! We’re so excited for Sara of ‘Color It In’ Art studio to share why she’s been coloring brighter and better since discovering NOYO Gel Crayons.

Sara and the teachers at ‘Color It In’ have been teaching art for over a decade. They currently offer virtual art classes and e-coloring books to students of any age. ‘Color It In’ also posts weekly coloring tutorials on their YouTube page on projects like how to color and shade a unicorn & how to color a fishbowl.

We love growing our community by sharing stories from fellow art lovers and we know you’ll like Sara’s below.


Hi! I’m the CEO of Color it In, an art studio in Uptown Whittier, CA, where we’ve been teaching art to kids since 2010.

I used to start all my new students with oil pastels, but I found that it was distracting for them to have to peel off the paper to get more of the color, and the colors would often break into smaller pieces, making it difficult to work with. I went on the hunt for an alternative, and that’s when I came across gel crayons.

I ordered several brands, but most of the ones on the market were only available in 12 colors at the most. I finally found one set that had 36 colors, but they were too dry to blend and some of the colors were dull.

However, I settled on those because the twistable barrels would make handling them much easier for the kids. I used that brand for a while, not feeling 100% satisfied, and then I saw an ad in my inbox from Amazon for NOYO Gel Crayons.

When I tested them out, I was beyond delighted to find that the quality was far above what I’d been using! The set checked all the things that I needed as an art teacher:

  • twistable barrels for easy handling
  • 36 colors so we aren’t limited in variety
  • colors that are bold and vibrant
  • best of all, they are so very creamy that it makes blending a dream.

Their blendability allows my teachers and me to expand on our students’ skills, so we’ve been able to teach our kids how to transition colors and add shading to their pictures. Often when a student has the option to graduate to a new medium, they prefer to stick with the NOYOs because they’re “like coloring with lipstick” – there’s something so pleasing about their texture.

Also, they are inexpensive. As a business owner, I appreciate a high-quality product for a low price because it’s an easy sell to a potential new customer.
NOYOs don’t have to be just for kids. My teachers and I do a lot of art on our own time with the NOYOs because they’re like high-quality oil pastels. I’m so impressed with them that I started a YouTube channel called COLOR IT IN with tutorials for kids, teens, and adults featuring the NOYOs so that people can see all the possibilities that can be created with them.

There’s projects for the whole family, check it out,

I hope that you discover the joy of NOYO Gel Crayons the way that I have!

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