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From scary movies to old tales from the sea, sharks are one of Earth's oldest animals. Take a deep breath and dive into this fun craft!


  • Clothespin
  • Grey paper
  • White paper
  • Orange or yellow paper
  • Noyo Crayons
  • Double-Sided tape


  1.  Gather your materials before you begin this fun project!

Making your shark's body

  1. Fold your paper in half and trace half a fish-like shape along the fold line

Completing your shark's body

  1. Using your scissors, cut out the fish-like shape. Open your paper, revealing the whole fish shape. Cut along the fold line.

Adding fins to your shark

  1. Cut out two fins for the top and bottom of your shark.
  2. Cut a rectangle from the white paper in a zig-zag pattern.

Adding teeth

  1. Glue or tape the teeth to the shark pieces. Trim teeth as necessary to fit your shark's mouth

Adding your fish

  1. Cut out a small fish from your yellow or orange paper and a small strip of grey paper. Attach the grey paper strip to the back of your fish.
  2. Attach the thin grey strip with the fish to the bottom set of teeth. The fish should now look like its floating above the teeth,

Adding the Details

  1. Flip your shark over. Using a NoYo crayon, draw a few gills and an eye. We love adding googly eyes for a fun twist!
  2. Take your clothespin and turn it so the side facing you shows the bottom and top halves. Using craft tape glue or double-sided tape attach the bottom half of the shark to the lower side of the clothespin. Line up the top half of the shark and attach it with tape to the top half.

Now for the fun part!

  1. To make your shark eat the fish, pinch the clothespin open and close


Continue the fun!

Facts about Sharks!

  • If a shark was placed into a swimming pool, it would be able to sniff out one drop of blood in the water. (Yikes!)
  • Sometimes called 'a swimming nose', sharks can easily detect prey in sand or at night.
  • Baby sharks are called pups. They are born ready to take care of themselves. When born, the pup is left to fend for itself and the pup makes a fast getaway before the mother tries to eat it.
  • Sharks are old animals. They've been swimming in oceans for at least 420 million years
  • A shark's body has no bones. Instead, it's made up of cartilage, the same material that makes up your ear. 
  • Sharks picky eaters. Many times they take a single bite before they decide to finish their snack. 
  • The size of sharks ranges from tiny to as large as a bus! A spined pygmy shark grows to be about 7 inches long, while a whale shark can grow over 50 feet long!



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