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Collection: Shibori Technique - Kumo

This twist and bind resist technique can be accomplished in a number of ways, ranging from expert to beginner difficulty level. One of the easiest ways to try this technique involves wrapping small sections of your fabric over found objects, usually small stones or pebbles. The fabric is bound in place with rubber bands which will ultimately create spider-like patterns. You will need similarly shaped objects (we used decorative glass stones) and rubber bands.

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Step 1

Start by laying your stones out across your fabric to get a rough idea of your preferred amount and placement.



Step 2

Place your stone on the underside of the fabric, then wrap the fabric around, securing it in place with a rubber band.




Step 3

Repeat as desired. We recommend loosely scrunching your fully bound fabric and securing loosely with a few more rubber bands to make sure the piece sits in the dye vat correctly.




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