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Collection: Spirals, Flowers and Patterns: Learning about Hundertwasser

Hundertwasser Dab and Dot Marker Project
"A good picture is when the picture is full of magic, when you can feel the happiness in it, when it makes you laugh or cry, or when it makes something happen.  It should be like a flower or a tree.  It should be like Nature.  It should be that we miss it when it isn't there."  Hundertwasser
Friedensreich Hundertwasser believed that nature and beauty was the key to happiness.  He was born Fritz Stowasser but created his "artist name" to be Friedensreich (the German words for peace and kingdom) Hundertwasser ("wasser" means water in German).
He loved nature and used natural themes in his artwork.  Hundertwasser often used spirals in his artwork.  The spiral is a symbol of life and nature.

Hundertwasser had his own unique style of painting and feel free to use your own personal art style while creating a picture inspired by his bright, imaginative artwork. Supplies needed:

1. Draw a design on your paper with pencil. Consider using spirals, flowers and natural shapes like Hundertwasser. His artwork had lots of repeating and wavy lines, natural shapes and bright colors.
2. Next, outline your pencil drawing with black oil pastel.

3. Use Dab and Dot Markers to paint in the sections. Press down on the tip and create dots or rub back and forth gently to apply color.


The colors contrast nicely with the black oil pastel.
4. Continue painting until all areas are filled in.



An inspiring book about Hundertwasser's art is Hundertwasser for Kids: Harvesting Dreams.

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