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Collection: 5 Easy and Fun Summer Crafts to Do with Your Kids to Spark Creativity Together

Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine, but having a few summer crafts on hand is always a good idea for those super hot or rainy days. Today, we have just what you need to spark creativity with your kids! 

Andreja, creator of Easy Peasy and Fun features some very creative and fun summer crafts on her blog, including Origami Frogs, Watercolor Ice Painting, a Printable Big Mouth Shark Craft, Printable Bug Finger Puppets, and an adorable turtle using Black Crayon Resist. We would like to thank Andreja for granting us permission to feature her blog and share a round-up of five of her summertime crafts! 

Head over to her page for the full tutorials and more art fun for any time of the year! 

Now, let’s take a closer look at these five summer crafts you and the kids will love:

#1: Jumping Origami Frogs

via Easy Peasy and Fun

Having a backyard summer BBQ and need to keep the kids entertained? Provide paper (or use recycled magazine paper - free, good, and sturdy) and share the instructions to make Origami Jumping Frogs. Easy Peasy and Fun has a straightforward how-to that walks you step-by-step through the simple process to make them. Kids can use markers to add in eyes, a nose, and even a cute frog race. Ribbit, Set, GO!

#2: Ice Pop Painting

via Easy Peasy and Fun

What’s better than a craft activity to cool off the kids on a hot summer day? The Ice Pop Painting craft from Easy Peasy and Fun is both fun and refreshing! You probably already have the ingredients on hand: a few drops of food coloring, water, an ice cube tray, and a few short popsicle sticks. Even better, the kids can get multiple entertaining activities out of this craft. 

First, they can work on color theory as they drop colors and make new colors. For example, they can choose to mix one drop of yellow with one drop of blue and watch it turn green, or use red and yellow to make orange. You get the idea! Let them experiment with all the colors of the rainbow. This can also be a quick science lesson on the different states of water and the conditions in which liquid turns into a solid.

#3: Big Mouth Animal Craft

via Easy Peasy and Fun

For this craft, children can choose any animal they like! Talk with them about life cycles or discuss animals they may encounter in their lives, such as birds in their local park or family pets. Discuss the types of foods these animals like to eat to increase the participation. 

To connect this activity to the summer theme, have the children draw a self portrait in a summertime setting, and ask them what some of their favorite snacks are for the summer. Would the animals like to eat their favorite snacks? Probably not the birds in the park, but their pets may love a lick of their ice cream cone! Get the Big Mouth Shark printable at Easy Peasy and Fun.

#4: Bug Finger Puppets

via Easy Peasy and Fun

Easy Peasy and Fun’s finger puppets are adorable, creative, and interactive! Kids can let their imaginations run wild with all the ways they want to color them. Doodle Hog NOYO Crayons would be great for this craft with their large assortment of vibrant colors. With these crayons, you can color with them like traditional crayons, or take advantage of their watercolor effect by brushing water over the colors on the paper. Head on over to Easy Peasy and Fun to get the full instructions and printables for the finger puppets! 

#5: Turtle Black Glue Resist

via Easy Peasy and Fun

Andreja, creator of Easy Peasy and Fun, gets full-blown craft-astic again with this Black Glue Resist Craft. All you need is to add a little black acrylic paint to your standard glue to create this one-of-a-kind art piece that is 100% frame-worthy! You can use a variety of mediums to color this in, however, watercolor is the way to go to get optimal results you will love. 

How lively and adorable is this turtle?! Andreja has a printable tutorial on her page, demonstrating the steps for how to draw it. For extra inspiration, visit the aquarium with your young artists and create a whole layout of various sea animals like jellyfish, manta rays, clownfish, and more! 

What are some of your favorite summer crafts to enjoy with the kids? We’d love to know! Share with us on social media, and remember to use hashtag #doodlehog when you share an idea or post your summer craft creations! 

The family at Doodle Hog wishes you a season of fun-filled and craft-filled days! 

 ♥ The Doodle Hog Team

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