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Although many of our favorite warm-weather activities are canceled this year, we’re making a point to keep our summer fun-filled! And what’s more fun and magical than flying a kite? It’s really one of life’s simplest pleasures...which is exactly why we’re sharing this summery craft with you!

Introduce your kiddos to the joys of kite flying by starting with the basics. By creating their own kites, children can learn about shapes, wind science, and dramatic play! But, can you guess our favorite part of this activity? The creating! Our NoYo Crayons & Dab and Dot Markers make for the perfect kite designs. Rainbows anyone?! 

Here’s our favorite paper kite craft for kids:



  • NOYO Crayons
  • Dab and Dot Markers
  • Heavyweight paper, cut to 8.5” x 11” (cardstock)
  • 12-inch Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or liquid glue
  • Various ribbon
  • Twine
  • Paper Straws (2)


  1. Gather your materials

Making Your Kite Base

  1. Take your cardstock and measure it along the 11” side. Mark 5.5” and draw a line. 
  2. Cut your cardstock so it measures 8.5 x 5.5”
  3. Using your glue stick, smooth the two sheets of paper to remove air bubbles. Let dry.
    1. Once dry, the paper might curl. If curled, iron the paper with an iron set to low heat or flatten using heavy books stacked on top of an even surface.
  4. With your ruler, make the outline of the kite.
    1. From the edge measuring 5.5inch, mark at the 2.75-inch mark on either side of the paper close to the edge.
    2. On the edge that measures 8.5 inches, measure at the 3-inch mark on either side of the paper.
    3. Connect the dots to make a diamond shape.
    4. Cut along the marked edge.

Preparing Your Kite Wings

  1. Take one paper straw and cut into thirds. 
  2. Take the second paper straw and thread a piece of ribbon through the straw. This will become your kite tail!
    1. To push the ribbon through the straw, you may need to use a wooden skewer to gently push the ribbon through.

Decorating Your Kite

  1. Decorate the inside and outside of your kite with our NOYO Crayons or Dab & Dot Markers!
  2. Once decorated, determine which side will be the inside of your kite and which side will face outward.


Kite Assembly

  1. Take your longest straw and tie a piece of twine or thick string (at least 3 feet) around it. This will be your kite string. 
  2. Add a stripe of glue down the middle of your kite. This should be the longest part of your kite. 
  3. Take your long paper straw and line it up to the glue line. The kite tail should be at the bottom end of the kite, furthest from the diamond shape.
  4. Press for about a minute. For a quick secure, have an adult hot glue the straw to the kite.
  5. Gather two of the smaller pieces of straw. Add a line of glue to the other corners of the kite. These should be perpendicular to the long straw.

Finishing Touches

  1. Take your kite tail and tie various ribbons along with it.
  2. Wind your kite string around the third piece of your paper straw.

Decorating Suggestions

  • Try using contrasting paper colors for your kite
  • Use old or unused shoelaces for an easy kite string
  • For a kite tail, cut bow shapes out of paper and glue to the kite string

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