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Collection: Spark Creativity with our Dot Markers & Experts the Tiny Talkers

As ASHA-certified speech-language pathologists and moms of three, we created Tiny Talkers with one goal: to help YOU support the communication skills of your little one by providing information about development, strategies, resources, and more. We are here to answer questions, guide you, and hopefully help you feel good about supporting your child’s speech and language development!  

Art is a fun way to create language opportunities and spark creativity in children. Here are our favorite ways to use Doodle Hog markers as a developmental tool:

Spark creativity! Let your child use their imagination to boost their social development and overall language skills. Give them Doodle Hog markers and see what they create on their own! Let them lead the activity and encourage the fun while you talk about what you see them doing!

Increase language! Want a fun way to work on language with your little one? Use Doodle Hog markers to practice these skills:

  • Functional language includes words that help your child express their wants and needs. These essential words can easily be encouraged during Doodle Hog play! By simply using words such as on, go, help, open, more, want, yes, no, and all gone, you help your child get the repetition and exposure they need to use the words on their own eventually!
  • Colors are language concepts that are fun to explore once children are using functional language effectively! Learning colors helps children describe meaningful items in their surroundings and understand directions and language that use color words! What are some ways to get your little ones learning their colors with Doodle Hog?
    • Use one or two markers and name the color often! Draw different items you see with that color! For example, start with red. “Red!” “The marker is red!” “I drew a red apple!” “I drew a red flower!”
    • After many repetitions, you can see if your child knows the color by asking, “I need help finding the red marker! Can you help me?” 
    • Offering choices is also a great way to practice color words! “Do you want the blue or green marker?” When we give children choices, we are labeling the colors and we empower them to make their own decisions and feel independent.
    • Draw a rainbow, talk about the different colors you use, or let your child tell you which colors to use! Print the free Rainbow Scavenger Hunt Doodle Hog marker activity and search for different colors around the house or outside!
  • Letters and shapes are essential for early literacy and math skills. Instead of rote memorization, make learning these skills fun for your little ones. 
    • Draw letters or shapes for your child to trace using Doodle Hog markers!
    • Label the shapes and letters and talk about how you make them!
    • Print the free Doodle Hog activity books to let your little one dab the letters and different shapes!

Learn new words! If you want your little one to learn or say a new word, REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT! Research has found that children need lots of exposure to learn a new word, but they need to hear the word even more before saying it! Art time is an excellent opportunity to work on learning new vocabulary! 

  • For early talkers, model single words during coloring activities with your Doodle Hog markers.
    • Try these fun words to imitate “dab,” “fast,” “slow,” “up,” “down.” 
    • Give your little one wait time after you say the word to see if they will imitate it back!
  • For emergent talkers, discuss what you are coloring, and ask them to describe their picture.
    • ”Tell me about your picture!”
    • “I love your castle! Can you tell me more about what’s happening?”
    • ”I’m making a dragon with fiery breath!” 

As speech-language pathologists, we love using art activities as a tool to help develop important speech and language skills! Doodle Hog markers are perfect for early learners to target developmental milestones, such as imitation, turn-taking, first words, vocabulary, and more! Children love these markers for their unique and fun design, making it an excellent way for parents to teach new skills at the same time!


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Becky Chamberlain, M.S., CCC-SLP

Stephanie Tuthill, M.A., CCC-SLP


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