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Fall is blowing in quickly, and as the air gets cold, kids will be spending more and more time inside. Save some of your sanity with dauber marker crafts! With wide, soft ends, these markers make large circles, which are fun for children and helps to develop their motor skills. Here are the top 6 Halloween activities to do with dauber markers with your kids this year!

Fall themed worksheets:

A fun way to start your dauber activities and have your kids practice with them is to use these fun, free, Fall themed worksheets. The open spaces are perfect for teaching little hands how to daub, and the worksheet is already colorful and fun to set that fall theme.

Handprint turkeys with daubers:

Image from Crafty Morning

Handprint turkeys are a Fall favorite, but they can be made extra fun with the addition of dauber markers. Trace your child’s hand, then set them loose with the dauber markers, turning those fingers into brightly colored feathers. Once all the daubing is done, help them to add turkey characteristics, like a beak and legs! This would be a fun keepsake to put up every Fall.


Dauber leaves:

Image from Crafty Morning 

Leaves are a beautiful part of Fall and they are so colorful and fun. Have your kids collect leaves. Place the leaves on a piece of paper, and have your kids daub around them, leaving the shape of the leave on the paper.

Colorful Fall or Halloween wreaths:

Image from Kids Play Box 

This would be such a fun activity to do. Cut a piece of poster board into the shape of a wreath. It could be simple, or more complex. If your kids are older, you can let them cut out a fun wreath shape. Then have your kids use dauber markers to decorate the wreath! They can daub on different shapes, or just use fall or Halloween colors to make a bright and cheery decoration. You can use lamination sheets to make the wreath more waterproof if you wanted to place it on your door.

Halloween themed worksheets:

Just like the Fall worksheets, the Halloween worksheets are festive and a great way to help little ones work on their fine motor skills! A witch, a monster, and Frankenstein give these free worksheets a really spooky, but fun, feel.

Dauber Jack-o-lanterns:

Image from Activities For Kids

Help your kids draw out the shape of a Jack-o-lantern. It would be scary, silly, or cute. Then have your kids use dauber markers to bring it to life! You can cut it out and hang it in the window, or just hang it on the wall. This is a fun way to add some Halloween spirit to your decorations.


Get your dauber markers and free worksheets for some festive Halloween and Fall fun!

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