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Collection: Ways to Celebrate Earth Day


April is the home to Earth Day, April 22nd to be precise!  Earth Day is a day where pretty much people check in on the Earth and bring awareness on how it's doing; as per National Geographic, "Earth Day is an annual celebration that honors the achievements of the environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect Earth's natural resources for future generations."

The Earth is our home and we, as inhabitants of the Earth play a role in taking care of the Earth, that also takes care of us.

Here are some ways to commemorate Earth Day:



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How many pieces of paper do you have laying around the house that your toddler drew a few squiggles on and have piling up? There are paper kits that can be purchased or you can DIY at home like the one shown at  Old magazines, papers, junk mail, torn construction paper, dried flowers are all things that can be turned into handmade paper. PBS has a DIY Paper on their website and it's a great way to teach your child about recycling paper and how paper is made. Throw in some seeds and you can also have your own handmade paper that can be planted when it comes time for it to be thrown out. 


Get creative and have some fun creating your own fairy garden. You can plant grass, a variety of sprouts or even use an assortment of succulents to arrange your fairy garden. Add on your choice of fairies, gnomes, miniature animals and houses. People, animals and plants all live on the same earth we live in. We need to take care of the earth so that the earth can take care of us!



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Search for a nearby national park and go on a family friendly hike. Check out the park's visitor center and inquire about kid friendly bikes and nature inspired programs they may have.



Read “One Child, One Planet: Inspiration for the Young Conservationist” by Bridget McGovern Llewellyn is a book that holds endearing photographs of nature. It briefly goes over what climate change is and why its important and how we can take care of the earth.


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How many boxes do you currently have in your recycle stack? Pinterest has tons of interesting ideas on how to repurpose cardboard boxes, from making a play kitchen, creating a life size maze, a parking lot, an entire town, your own life size race car or rocket ship! Just looking at this box, what do you see? A barn? A tunnel? A dog house perhaps? The possibilities are truly endless!

Is there anything else you would add on to this list of things to do to commemorate Earth Day?

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