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Many art programs have been cut from funding in schools. This means that not only is there a lack of jobs available to art teachers, but art teachers aren’t getting what they need to teach their students. Doodle Hog believes art is just as important as other subjects, and we support art teachers by donating to schools and conferences. Here’s why you should too!

Art Promotes Prosperity

Where do, new ideas come from? Where does creativity come from? How can we as a country prosper without new ideas and creativity? True prosperity comes from ideas that haven’t yet been thought of. Art promotes prosperity by inspiring kids to create, explore, and come up with new ways of doing things.

Art Improves Academics

It has been proven time and time again that art fosters academic learning. Studies show that students with art as a part of their education have higher GPAs, score better on standardized tests, and have an overall lower dropout rate.

Art is Good for the Economy

Did you know that the arts industry generates 135 billion dollars into the economy annually? According to the U.S Bureau of Economic Analysis, the arts and culture sector represents over 3% of the Nation’s economic growth.

The Arts Inspire Creativity

In a rapidly growing country, creativity in the workforce is one of the top 5 skills sought by business employers. This means that someone who can come up with creative ideas is 72% more likely to get the job than someone who lacks creativity. Art teachers our future workers to think creatively and come up with new ideas.

We Sponsored Two Events on October

Because we believe academics, economic growth, creativity, and prosperity are vital to our country, Doodle Hog supports art teachers by sponsoring two events. This year, we sponsored the following events:


  • Teachers Appreciation Night at Figge Museum: This year was our 3rd year hosting this event. On October 20th, we had over 150 educators in the area comes and share resources, try hands-on art projects and network with one another. As a thank you for attending, all educators received a swag bag that included learning guides and other fun material from us!


  • The Wisconsin Art Education Association: The Wisconsin Art Education Association’s mission is to promote excellence in visual arts, art education for all students, and support for art teachers across the country. This year we have joined forces to offer our support to art teachers across the country.


Thank You, Art teachers, for inspiring creativity and working hard to foster children’s learning with limited resources. We appreciate you!


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