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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Watercolor 36 Half Pan +6 Blender Brushes
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Watercolor 36 Half Pan +6 Blender Brushes
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Watercolor 36 Half Pan +6 Blender Brushes
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Watercolor 36 Half Pan +6 Blender Brushes
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Watercolor 36 Half Pan +6 Blender Brushes
Watercolor 36 Half Pan +6 Blender Brushes
Watercolor 36 Half Pan +6 Blender Brushes
Watercolor 36 Half Pan +6 Blender Brushes
Watercolor 36 Half Pan +6 Blender Brushes
Watercolor 36 Half Pan +6 Blender Brushes

Watercolor 36 Half Pan +6 Blender Brushes

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Looking for a watercolor set that has everything you need and can be used anywhere? The Doodle Hog Watercolor Paints Half Pans and Brush Pens Bundle is the perfect choice!

Download Watercolor Basics Techniques For Beginners (PDF)

We've created an all-inclusive watercolor paint and brush set that includes everything you need to create art- wherever inspiration strikes! The light, compact carrying case can be used at home, at work, at the park, in the car, or on a plane! Each bundle comes with 36 half pans of unique and vibrant colors to bring your artistic visions to life. You can use the colors as-is OR refer to our handy color wheel to mix together the perfect shade for your coloring needs! The half pens are securely placed in the tin carrying case - no worries about them accidentally falling out! However, they can easily be removed, rearranged, and replaced as needed. Just pop them in/out and go! We also include a variety of water brush pens to make it easy for you to paint without the mess. No need for cups - these self-moistening brush pens can be filled with water so that you just need to squeeze and paint! This bundle comes with 6 easy-to-clean water brush pens (3 pointed tips and 3 broad, flat tips) PLUS an additional pointed tip inside the carrying case!

  • 36 VIBRANT COLORS Includes pure white, soft apricot, vibrant yellow, marigold, tangerine, tiger orange, saffron orange, orange flame, deep coral, raspberry, ruby, merlot, crimson, fuchsia, lavender, bright purple indigo, Egyptian blue, soft royal, cerulean blue, ocean blue, vibrant denim, midnight navy, lime green, kelly green, emerald, grass, green olive, turquoise, rich jade, thick forest, golden honey, burnt sienna, coffee bean, dark chocolate, shadow gray, and black leather.
  • VARIETY OF WATER BRUSH PENS We know the brush is just as important as the paint, so we include a range of water brush pens for you to choose from! The half pan set includes a large, 5 mm pointed brush. When you get the bundle, you will also receive a separate set of 3 pointed (3mm, 4mm, 5mm) and 2 flat (4mm, 7mm, 10mm) water brush pens. This way, you have all the tools you need to create broad strokes, intricate details, and everything in between.
  • EXPLORE DIFFERENT WATERCOLOR TECHNIQUES Completely new to watercolor or just want to try out new techniques? Each bundle comes with a pamphlet that includes pointers for inspiration. Another item you get is a fillable color swatch chart you can use as a reference when painting. We also include some tips on how to take care of your paint and brushes.
  • MIXING PALETTE IN THE LID Love to mix together colors? With 36 rich colors to choose from, you have a world of options at your fingertips. To make it easy for you to whip up your own color combos, we have provided you with 4 compartments right in the lid of your carrying case. You can use them to mix together several custom colors! Our pamphlet also includes a color wheel to serve as a handy mixing guide.
  • LIGHT AND PORTABLE Dragging around a bunch of art materials can get tiresome. With this bundle, you don't have to worry about that. The carrying case holds all of your watercolor half pans PLUS two water brush pens. It's light and compact enough to fit in a purse, a small bag, or to just carry around in one hand.

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2. If you run out of one color can you buy them individually?
Answer: Actually we don't sale colors individually.

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Good basic set. Only need paper & water to get going!

This Doodle Hog Watercolor Paint Set has 36 paint colors & a brush & comes in a metal case. Theres a watercolor paper chart for creating swatches for a personalized color reference sheet. Colors in the half pan are concentrated so looks can be deceiving. Having a reference sheet makes it easier to choose the correct paint tone & shades. Theres a fold-out sheet with hints for taking care of the paints & brush pen. Theres also techniques for water color washes, like flat, graded or variegated washes and techniques for stippling & splattering. Theres a color wheel with three circles. One is composed of primary colors, another is secondary colors & the third is tertiary colors. This set is a good start for the beginning painter. Its compact & self-contained so can travel well. The only additional supplies needed are watercolor paper & water.An additional box of six premium artist brush pens are also in this package. There are three pointed & three broad flat tips, all in different millimeters. The bristles are nylon & flexible for easier use. They can be used as blenders for solid colors or powdered pigment.The pens are easy to use & clean. The two watercolor bundles can make an enjoyable set for the new artist.

Me gustaron :)

Me gustaron. Las acuarelas pintan bien, se ven bien, llegaron a tiempo y los pinceles tambin cumplieron mis expectativas. Lo nico que no me gust es que los colores tangerine y tiger orange se ven casi iguales.

Amazon Customer
Water painting kit

Super nice for beginners. Great colors and brushes

Brayan Sdarlin Roman
Beautiful colors

I really like those watercolors, they are nicely pigmented (except levander color), I really like the quality packaging and all the little additions to it

Glenda Burke
I love these!!

Colors are beautiful and vibrant. A great paint for the money! Id buy again.

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